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My Kinks™ - HD Lace Closures

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  • 14"
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coily weave
My Kinks™ - HD Lace Closures

Customer Reviews

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Regina M.H. (Revere, MA, US)
Love it

It’s a nice texture and matches my hair. I’m so glad I came here

Dermel W.
Love it!!

I have a hereditary scalp condition where my hair is thinning to bald at the top of my head. I am 36 yrs old...too young to be losing my hair. I have been dealing with this for 10 yrs now and NO product on the market has a match to my natural hair. I can't do any other styles besides a fro when I do add hair to my scalp. So I usually do full sew-ins to not worry about the hassle. I have used KinkyCurlyYaki for a full sew-in. I bought it 2 yrs ago and I'm still using it.

My recent purchase was my first purchase of the Afro Coily Closure. I wanted to try sewing it in at the top and blending it with my hair to see how it works for me. It blends amazingly well and I can manipulate it as I do my very own hair on the sides and back. I am grateful for this line of hair! It's not just a fashion statement for me! It helps me live my life as normal as possible. Thank you all very much!

Imo E.
So happy!

This product is the closest I've ever come to being satisfied with my hair purchase. So much so, that I have thrown away all my other hair! The texture is soft and perfectly blends with my 4C hair. I'm so thankful to my sister for putting me on the Kinky Curly Yaki Afro Coily!!!!!!!

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