Where does your hair come from?

Our hair comes from Asia and is 100% virgin human hair. All of our textures undergo a specialized steam process to mimic the wonderfully kinky, curly, and yaki textures of Black hair.

Do you have samples?

We absolutely do! Try before you buy here.

Where are you located? Do you have a store I can come feel up the hair in?

We're located just outside the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. We do not have any retail locations that sell our hair. We sell exclusively online. Unfortunately, we do not have pick up available :)

Which hair texture will best resemble my own?

The rich diversity of Black hair can be confusing at times. So, let’s break it down:

Light Yaki - If you want hair that matches a chemically relaxed/ bone straight look, Light Yaki is the way to go. Although straight, it’s not silky or overly shiny-- a dead giveaway that you’re wearing extensions.

Coarse Yaki - Not everyone likes hair that’s bone straight. If you like a more textured, but straightened look, Coarse Yaki is great. It looks like chemically relaxed hair that’s experienced a ton of new growth or if you have natural hair, blew it out and then lightly ran a flat iron through it.

Kinky Blow Out - Kinky Blow Out is similar to a look you can achieve with the blow dryer. It blends well with 4A to 4C hair types. It’s great for big hair and voluminous curls.

Kinky Curly - If you like the look of natural hair that’s blown straight and then curled with flexi-rods, straw sets (and more), Kinky Curl is just your type. Curls in this texture range from tight afro to looser curls. This texture blends best with 3C hair, if you’re planning on leave out.

Afro Kinky Curly - Want to rock bantu knots, two strand twists, afros (and more)? Check out Afro Kinky Curly. Our most popular texture comes in tight curls that can be finger combed into an afro. It blends well with 4A type hair.

Afro Coily - is our smallest and tightest curl pattern and is our 4C hair dupe. This texture can be rocked as is in it's fro-y or makes for excellent twist outs.

Confused about the difference between Kinky Curly vs Afro Kinky Curl vs Afro Coily? Check out this picture for comparison.

How many bundles will I need for a sew in?

This answer really depends on 4 things: the size of your head, the type of hair you want to rock, the length you’re going for, and where you’d like to be on the scale of natural to full on diva (think Chaka Khan or Solange). If you’re going for a wearable, everyday look, here’s our recommendations:

FOR SEW INS: Light Yaki, Coarse Yaki, and Kinky Blow Out:
12” - 16” Full Look with No Leave Out - Use 2 to 2.5 bundles
18” + Up Full Look with No Leave Out or closure- Use 2 to 3 bundles

FOR SEW INS: Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky Curly:
12” - 16” Full Look with No Leave Out - Use 2 to 2.5 bundles
18” + Up Full Look with Leave Out or closure - Use 2.5 to 3 bundles

Be sure to take advantage of the bundle deals we have available!

What is a full bundle of hair?

A full bundle of hair is one (1) "pack" of hair. This is approx. 4oz of hair. How many of the bundles you will need is dependant on the look your after, if you you'll have any leave out and the size of your head. See previous FAQ for our recommendations.

What is a half bundle of hair?

For those who want a little extra without committing to the full lot, half a bundle of hair is a 2 oz supplementary bundle. It can be used to add volume or length. See previous FAQ for our recommendations.

What's the difference between 60g vs 120g vs 160g vs 220g clip ins? 

Here's a video explaining the difference in weights

kinky clip ins
60g - HALF HEAD -To create a volume in the crown area or length in the nape - Great for pops of colour
2x 5", 3x 6"= Total of 5 pieces

full head set of afro clip ins
120g - FULL HEAD -To add volume with your all your own hair left out - Normal volume/ density
2x 3", 2x 5", 5x 6" = Total of 9 pieces
clip ins for black women afro hair
160g - FULL HEAD -To add volume with back of your head with hair cornrowed down. - Add clip ins on top of cornrows and your hair left out in front.
-To add extra volume /density with your own hair left out
2x 3", 2x 5", 5x 6" = Total of 9 pieces

clip ins for african hair
220g - FULL HEAD -To add volume with back of your head with hair cornrowed down. - Add clip ins on top of cornrows and your hair left out in front. OR -To add extra EXTRA volume / density with your own hair left out
2x 3", 2x 5", 5x 6" = Total of 9 pieces

Can I colour/cut/style my hair?

Definitely! Your hair is human hair and can be treated as you treat your own hair. Darken it, lighten it, lay it to the side, but remember: you take full responsibility for any problems that may result from you chemically processing your hair.

How long will my hair last?

It really depends on the wearer and how they care for the hair. Because the hair is 100% human hair, it responds to how you care for it. Our hair is steam processed to pattern. The coarse texture we’ve created makes the hair vulnerable to shedding and tangling, like any kinky texture. A little bit of shedding is to be expected, and we highly recommend that you seal the wefts before installing our wefted full bundles.

For our curly textures needs a simple co-wash regimen. If you experience heavy product buildup, you can also treat it with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep condition with a moisture rich condition. Here’s a few products we recommend for curly textures:

Click here for Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky Curly & Afro Coily Hair Care

The Light Yaki, Coarse Yaki, and Kinky Blow Out are low maintenance. Be careful to avoid too much product. No hair grease.

Click here for Light Yaki, Coarse Yaki & Kinky Blow Out Hair Care

Is the hair ready to wear?

You will need to wash your hair. No worries! We send you Hair Care instructions with your purchase :) The instructions can also be found here

What does "Natural" mean for hair colour?

It means that it's the natural colour of the donor as it's 100% Virgin Human Hair in terms of colour. Natural colour ranges from natural brown to natural black. By leaving the hair in it's natural colour, we're ensuring we're providing you with the highest quality hair extensions.

All of our hair textures can be dyed darker or lighter. Please keep in mind that colouring hair, even your own hair, can damage the integrity of the strands if done improperly. 

Dyeing the hair darker can easily be done with any box dye. Lightening the hair is more complex and it's recommended that you have a professional colourist do to keep the hair healthy.

Can I straighten the curly hair?

Technically you can, but why would you want to? We do not recommend it. The curly hair textures undergo and special steam processed and high heat will either loosen the curl beyond bounce or destroy it altogether. If wearing both straight and curly hair is important, we suggest buying one of our straight textures, Light Yaki, Coarse Yaki or Kinky Blow Out.

Can I swim with this hair?

Chlorine and saltwater are not friends with Afro hair in general. Your own hair would become dry and tangled as the water strips hair of it's moisture. The same goes for hair extensions. We recommend that you look cute with your head above water. ;)

What's the difference between this hair vs Beauty Supply store vs synthetic hair?

Our hair is 100% virgin human hair that we then put through a special process to create our signature textures. There are no synthetic fillers or harmful chemicals to irritate your skin like synthetic hair does. You can manipulate the hair, twist outs, dye, styled with heat tools or left  as is,  just like our hair. Plus, with good care, you can have your hair for up to a year or more. Also, KinkyCurlyYaki is a small,  black woman owned business, so you're supporting one of our own.

Do you sell salt & pepper hair or grey hair?

It's something we're working on. :)

What is a pre-order and when will I get my order?

Pre-order is when we have lengths that are out of stock, but is coming in within the next 1-3 weeks from when you place your order. Please note that this is an ESTIMATED time frame based on when you placed your order. If you don't mind waiting for bundles to come into our inventory, then place a pre-order. If you prefer to wait until we receive our inventory and then make your purchase, click on 'notify me' our system sends you an email when we update the stock.

When are you going to process my order?

We will process your order within 2-4 business days, often sooner. Processing times are extended during sales. Please see sale info details.

This does not include weekends, holidays, or during sales or special events. Note that our office hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm EST. Orders with DHL as the level of shipping are processed within 1 business day. 

The first email you will receive is an order confirmation email. The 2nd email you'll receive (and the most popular!) will be your shipping confirmation email. Both emails will go to the email you supplied to us when you created your order.

When do I get my order!?!?

We ship using USPS & DHL. To find out costs of shipping, please put your items in the cart and it will tell you the cost of shipping.

We currently are processing orders within 2-4 business days (or often sooner!). If you've purchased during a sale, . When your order is ready to ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the estimated delivery time from USPS. 

Customers outside the US, you may be subject to customs and duty that is your sole responsibility as it is a government fee. We have nothing to do with these fees .
Duty Calculator for hair extensions

If you decide that you do not want to pay the customs and/or duty due and your package is returned to us, you will be subject to a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.

How do I cancel my order?

Cancellations may be done within 24 hrs of submitting your order. Any cancellations after this time frame will not be granted. Please note, we cannot cancel orders during sales. 

Do you have any discounts or sales?

All the time! We run discounts, sales, and special promotions all the time. Please note that only one discount code can be used per order. They cannot be combined. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know! And definitely connect with us on Instagram or our Facebook page, where we announce exciting info all the time.