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Wigs & Frontals & Clip-ins

Wigs & Frontals & Clip-ins - Oh My! 


Wigs & Frontals & Clip-ins

As the colder months of fall and winter settle in we're all planning our next protective hairstyle that will keep our crowns in perfect condition. Depending on the amount of maintenance you are ready to put in, your budget and lifestyle needs, you can protect your hair with the help of wigs, frontals and clip-ins.

Here is a look at how wigs, frontals and clip-ins can protect your crown from harsh cold weather conditions.  

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Natural Hair Wigs

Wigs are well-recognized as the ultimate protective style that is versatile, easy to maintain and reliable. It is important to remember that when wearing wigs you should protect your hair by wearing a wig cap. A good wig cap ensures that there is no friction between your natural hair and the wig.

There are a number of reasons wigs make all of us at KinkyCurlyYaki go, “Oh my!”


  • Convenient. Wigs protect your hair from the elements, while offering you exceptional style and convenience. 
  • Cost Saving. In comparison with options like sew-in bundles, wigs are much more affordable. With a natural wig you do not have to spend a penny on installation charges and salon visits.
  • Protective. Wigs are a great protective style because of the low amount of stress they put on your natural hair. Though other styles like sew-ins, twists, and braids offer benefits similar to wigs they tend to place stress on your tresses. However, wigs keep your hair stress free to encourage length retention.
  • Constant Style. No more bad hair days – need we say more? You may be dressed to the nines and mentally ready to take on the world, but a bad hair day could easily cause you to lose all your gumption. With the help of protective styles like wigs, zero bad hair days are all but guaranteed. Whatever condition your natural hair might be in, all you have to do is slip into your favorite wig and bid adieu to bad hair days.
  • Growth. Are you dealing with excessive hair loss due to a medical condition and its prescribed medicine? Wigs can give you the confidence you need when transitioning and recuperating from illnesses.

Wig Tips

  • Pay attention to the quality of hair used in the wig. Virgin human hair is the recommended hair as it can be dyed, styled and blends with your natural tresses.
  • Wigs provide a more natural fit when your natural hair is laid down flat against your scalp. If you wear your hair short, your wig will lay naturally on your head. If your hair is long or thick consider putting your hair in small cornrows and/or using a wig cap to keep hair tucked away and flattened.

  • Frontals

    Frontals are hairpieces that cover your hairline, very similar to a headband. This versatile protective style allows you to protect your hairline and edges when wearing weaves and other protective styles.  

    • Frontals are perfect for women who have a thinning or irregular hairline. Frontals cover your existing edges and give you a full hairline.
    • This protective style comes in a number of textures, looks and coverage options.
    • Choose lace frontals with ear-to-ear coverage to ensure that you do not leave any hair out. 
    • On the other hand, 360 frontals offer end-to-end front to back coverage.
    • Frontals are a great option for those who love putting their hair up in a ponytail or any other updo.

    Frontal Tips

    When it comes to frontals, KinkyCurlyYaki offers a number of texture options so you can choose one that closely matches your natural hair. For example, you can choose from Light Yaki, Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky Curly, Coarse Yaki, Afro Coily, and Kinky Blow Out texture. For more information on how to choose a frontal read our blog: Frontal Hair: How to Choose a Frontal


    Sometimes a style you want requires more length, highlight color or volume. This is where clip-ins come to your aid. Clip-in hair extensions are affordable, easy to install, and give you more styling flexibility without damaging your own natural hair. 

    • You not need a specialist to install the extensions.
    • Color clip-ins to give yourself highlights instead of damaging your own hair.
    • Clip-ins work well when you want to add more volume to your ponytail.
    • One of the benefits of using clip-ins is that there is very little commitment involved. If you do not like the way the clip-ins look or think that they need adjustment, you can easily add or remove clip-ins in no time.

    Clip-ins Tips

    Taking care of textured hair extensions or clip-ins is easy – gently comb and detangle the hair before using the clip-ins, and hang them up when not in use. As compared to other options like sew-ins, you do not need to use glue or sewing to affix clip-ins leading to lowered risk of damage to your natural locks.

    Whether you prefer wigs, frontals or clip-ins, all of these options work as a protective style in the cold weather. For  more variety and spice from your crowning glory, get all three and switch them up as you please.

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