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what do curly hair types mean? 4A 3C 4A

What Are 3C, 4A and 4C Hair Types?


Answers and Picture Examples below!

Here at KinkyCurlyYaki, we believe that a woman's hair is her crown and she should wear it with pride. As a black-owned company, we're keen on having black women embrace her kinks, curls and coils and we've been doing this since we started our operations in 2012. Part of this includes creating awareness on the different types of hair and what you should know about them.

Why Should You Know Your Hair Type?

Understanding which hair type you have gives you a better grasp of what your hair needs. As a result, you'll know how to handle it, nourish it and protect it from damage. In most cases, we find our hair hard to manage due to lack of information on how to treat it right.

What Are 3C, 4A and 4C Hair Types?

what is my hair type?

Hair types are generally categorized into four main groups: type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4.

Each category is then broken down into subcategories which are labeled using letters such as A, B and C. The most prevalent hair types among black women are types 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C.

However, it should be noted that some people have a combination of two or more hair types.

What Is Type 3C Hair

3C hair extensions and examples

3C hair falls under the Curly hair type. It is made up of tight coils which are densely packed together. Their circumference is about the size of a straw or a pencil while the texture of the curls ranges from medium to fine.

3C curls are prone to dryness, frizzing, limpness, tangles and limited body/volume. If you have this kind of hair, don't let the lack of volume stop you from rocking a natural look. You can bulk it up by adding "My Curls" 3C clip-ins from KinkyCurlyYaki where needed. They'll effortlessly blend in with your natural curls and give you the volume you need.

What is Type 4A Hair

4A hair type extensions

4A falls under type 4 hair is what is commonly called Afro or coily hair. The hair has a naturally defined curl pattern with the texture being either be wiry or fine. In addition, 4A hair is light and fragile thus requiring gentle care and protection.

Our "My Coils" 4A Curls are designed with this texture in mind. They are bound to give an unmistakable natural 4A look without putting too much effort into it thus leaving you with the much-needed time to carry out other tasks.

What Is Type 4C Hair

4C hair type extensions

4B and 4C are very similar in characteristics and are a bit hard to differentiate. We can say that 4B is a mild version of 4C. Since they're almost the same, we'll only take a look at 4C characteristics which will cover both 4B and 4C.

For 4C hair, the strands have a "Z" shape pattern hence no defined curl pattern. The most conspicuous characteristic of this hair type is that it tends to shrink to less than 30% its original length. This can instantly be seen when the hair gets into contact with water. It's actually difficult to know the length of 4C hair when it's not stretched out.

4C hair is a bit different from one person to the next. It can be soft, thin and cotton-like or course and densely packed. However, one thing that's common is how fragile it is. It breaks more easily compared to 3C and 4A hair types. This makes protective styles such as wigs and weaves, such as our "My Kinks" texture,  more suitable for people with 4B/4C hair.

How Do I Rock My Natural Hair?

 4A ponytails for black women

We all know that it takes a lot of work to maintain our natural hair. However, you can take a break once in a while by finding the right texture to complement your natural hair here at KinkyCurlyYaki. Our three signature textures perfectly align with the three hair types we've mentioned: types 3C (My Curls), 4A (My Coils) and 4C (My Kinks). They are available as clip-ins, wefted hair, lace closures, silk closures, lace frontals, 360 frontals and ponytails. This way, you can choose whatever suits you at a particular time. The great thing about our textures is that they match the natural hair so well that it is hard for another person to tell the difference!

In Conclusion

By now, you've already identified which hair type you have and feel more confident to show it off. You can rock it as is or use some of our textures to give you a natural look. Either way, wear your curls, kinks or coils with pride!

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