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Top 10 Natural Hair Blogs & Natural Hair Websites

Top 10 Natural Hair Blogs to Follow Right Now


Top 10 Natural Hair Blogs & Natural Hair Websites

The natural hair community has grown tremendously over the years. More and more women are saying goodbye to chemical relaxers and hair straighteners and welcoming their natural hair textures. With so many women transitioning to wearing their natural hair textures, natural hair care blogs are steadily rising.

It can be tedious to sort through natural hair blogs to determine which have the most resourceful information. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to transition to natural hair, natural hair style inspiration, or protective styling options these top 10 natural hair blogs are definitely ones to add to your must-read list.  

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Originally created to serve as an online “hair therapy session” Nikki “CurlyNikki” Walton has since turned into one of the top resources for curly and natural hair care. As a licensed psychotherapist, Nikki uses her educational background and training to correlate the psychology behind body image and self-esteem to that of black women and the societal perceptions of natural Afro-textured hair. Nikki has also incorporated top natural hair care ‘gurus’ into her site to offer expert haircare advice, tips, and tutorials.


Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH) was created in 2008 by Leila Noelliste as a hub for natural hair care. The site has grown tremendously since then with more than 2 million monthly visitors and topics ranging from hair care advice, styling trends, and cultural issues and events. With everything from celebrity hair profiles to the latest natural hair trends, BGLH has become one of the top go-to websites for black women ages 18-34 who are seeking on-trend natural hair care advice.


Ariane Williams initially created Black Naps in 2010 to document her personal natural hair journey and to share what she learned with other aspiring naturals. Black Naps quickly grew into a leading resource for providing natural hair care tips and hair inspiration for women with naturally kinky, curly, and Afro-textured hair. With more 260,000 visits each month, an extremely popular forum, and some of the best natural oils for your hair- BlackNaps has grown into the hub for all things natural.


The beautiful natural behind the award winning site Afrobella is Patrice Yursik, a Trinidadian-born writer who created Afrobella to “fill a void and to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of women in all shades of beautiful”.  Patrice is a highly sought-after speaker whose writing has been featured in magazines such as Vogue,,, and She has been seen in several advertising campaigns for top haircare brands including Proctor & Gamble, Cream of Nature, and Carol’s Daughter to name a few. Topping more than 11 million page views, it’s no wonder is one of the top haircare hubs for natural haircare and beauty.


Not only does New York-based blogger and vlogger Francheska Medina share tips on how to get gorgeous natural hair, she also writes about natural living and operates a wellness podcast, The Friend Zone. After years of battling with a chronic illness, Francheska began seeking alternatives and healed herself through alternative medicine, nutrition, and diet. In 2011, she created the blog to help others take advantage of easy and affordable natural living resources. Her award-winning natural hair and lifestyle blog has been featured in various magazines including Ebony, Vibe, Essence, Glamour, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and Lucky Magazine.

Natural Hair Rules

Tamara Floyd is a wife, mother of two, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed serial blogger. Ranked as one of the top natural hair care resources for black women, has over a million dedicated readers looking for real advice, expert hair care tips, hair styling tutorials, and the best natural hair product recommendations. After transitioning for 5 months, Tamara made the decision to “big chop” all of her relaxed ends in 2006 and started documenting her journey in 2008 long before the rise of natural hair care blogs and websites.

Sporty Afros

Sporty Afro aims to break down barriers that prevent black women from addressing their health and fitness. Created in 2010 by co-founders Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams, the idea was born after Patterson was being continuously asked how she was able to maintain a consistent workout routine while caring for her naturally curly hair texture.  As one of the top natural hair, health and wellness resources for black women, Sporty Afros aims to break barriers that prevent black women from addressing and speaking freely about their health and overall wellness while maintaining healthy, gorgeous natural locks.

Textured Talk

Charlene Walton began her natural hair journey in 2008 but it wasn’t until a few years later that she grew to really understand and love her natural hair texture through trial and error. At the time, there weren’t many resources or products that catered to women with natural Afro-textured hair. What sets textured talk apart from other hair blogs is that Charlene invites you to experience her journey of trial-and-error mistakes while learning what products and styles work best for her hair. She has gone from sorting frustrations about her natural hair to hosting events to encourage other women to remain patient throughout your natural hair journey.


Curl Centric is run by husband and wife team Kira and Kenneth Byrd whose goal is to encourage natural hair care for all Afro-textured hair types. They aim to redefine beauty and reset beauty standards that we have given ourselves. What sets this website apart is the plethora of well-researched, factual information on hair care issues that many have struggled to find the correct answers. The articles are presented in a thorough and descriptive tone that is easy for the reader to understand. From natural hair recipes, articles, newsletter and podcasts- has something for everyone from the newbie natural to the experienced natural veteran.

My Natural Sistas

My Natural Sistas was created by the sisterhood trio India, Toni, and Carmen. Together they created the site to document and share the natural hair journey of how to care for different kinky, curly and Afro-textured hair types. Since its creation, the blog has grown into a massive community of women who are joined together by their desire to learn how to care for their natural tresses and live a healthier lifestyle. The three sisters share a background in nutrition, education, and personal training. They are motivated by the desire to empower other women to love and embrace their own skin and natural beauty.

Natural hair trends have quickly move from simply trending and fashionable to being the standard. Beautiful and full coils are becoming the norm and bold big hair is eagerly anticipated. Whether you are looking for tips on how to transition to natural hair or tricks on the best ways to care for your natural crown, these bloggers get it just right. Did we forget to mention your favorite blogger? Tell us who you follow for inspiration and natural hair tips.

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