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Natural Hair Wig Tips: Style, Care and Texture

Natural Hair Wig Tips: Style, Care and Texture


Natural Hair Wig Tips: Style, Care and Texture

In years past wigs were only used in theatre or for cancer patients and for those suffering hair loss, but now they are readily available in a variety of textures and styles making them an affordable option for the masses. Natural hair wigs have come a long way when it comes to styles, types and options. They are great protective styles that enable you to change your hairstyle as much as you want without damaging your own crown. You can get as creative as you want such as adding color or cutting, without ever touching your hair.

When worn or applied correctly wigs can look very natural when looking for a versatile protective style you’ll love. There are many things to consider before making a purchase and how to maintain your hair while wearing them.

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Preparing to Wear A Natural Hair Wig

Putting on a wig and failing to care for your own crown is one of the most damaging and dangerous things you can do to your hair. To enjoy the versatility and ease of a natural hair wig you must care for your hair as you would if you were styling it daily. This means moisturizing it regularly and keeping it fresh and clean to ensure your scalp gets the air it needs.

Perhaps the most important step is to prepare your hair for wig application. Wigs can be worn from hours to months at a time and if you neglect your natural hair, you could be in for a shock at the extent of damage that can be caused when you remove the wig. Prior to putting on your wig your hair should be freshly washed and braided where possible. This could be a few plaits or cornrows. The braids allow your scalp to breathe and prevent your hair from getting matted or tangled. They also help the wig to fit flatter and thus you achieved a more natural appearing wig.

If you are transitioning to natural or tend to rock shorter hairstyles braids may be a challenge. Consider add in braided styles for your wig application. These braids add in natural hair extensions to give your hair more length and reduce the strain on your shorter tresses.

Choosing Your Wig

Choosing the right natural wig depends one a variety of factors. Straight hair wigs like our Light Yaki collection are going to be easier to maintain. While kinky wigs like our Afro Kinky Curly will take a bit more work. Aside for the look, texture and style of the wig you should also consider the type of wig.

Most wigs are available with a band attached for a secure fit or can be glued down. There are pros and cons for each and is a matter of personal preference. The band allows for quicker interchange and can also be secured with additional pins or internal combs. You can wear these combs behind the hairline for a more natural look and even more the parting around. Wigs applied with glue are more secure but if not applied correctly can lead to breakage around the hairline. Speak to your local natural hair stylist to determine the best options for you.

Caring for Your Wig

Wigs are available in a variety of textures to compliment all natural hair types. In fact, we carry 6 textures to choose from to ensure you get the styles you want whenever you want them. If you aren’t sure about which texture you prefer order our texture sample kit.

While natural hair wigs are easy to maintain and give your hair breaks in-between styling it is important to also care for your wig as you would your own hair for the best results. Wash your wig using cool to warm water and a lightweight conditioner. Also consider co-washing your wig for even better results. Lay flat to dry or hang it from a wig stand for best results. Avoid agitating your wig during washing or drying to protect the texture.

Apply a leave in or oil to help to detangle your wig and use your fingers to comb through it and distribute the conditioner as needed. It is inevitable that hair will shed from your wig but you can minimize this if you handle your wig gently. Avoid heavy creams as they will weigh down the hair and make your curls look greasy and limp. For more textured wigs you can even play around with styles and manipulate the texture by doing twist outs or bantu knots to achieve a different curl and look. Read my article, Everything You Need to Know About Natural Hair Wigs, for more information.

Beauty Investment Considerations

Choosing the right wig begins with your wear preferences and budget. If you plan to wear your wig for a very long time invest in a high quality virgin human hair wig. With proper care these wigs can last for years. If you want more styling versatility consider human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs that can be easily replaced when you want to change up your look.

Natural hair wigs are the ultimate protective style that gives your crown the break it needs due to its delicate nature. Wigs allow your hair to have minimal manipulation and respite from the elements. Do not forget to moisturize and tend to your hair whilst wearing a wig. It can be a great tool for retaining length but if you forget about your own crown you may be undoing all your hard work if you allow your hair to become dry and brittle. A spray bottle with water and a few drops of essential oils like tea tree and peppermint can help to soothe your scalp in between washes and give your hair the hydration it needs.

What are some of your favorite wig application styles and hair maintenance routines? Share with me in the comments.

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