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is a natural hair wig right for you?

Is A Natural Hair Wig Right For You?


is a natural hair wig right for you?

Some years ago, wearing a wig was considered as an “old woman's thing”. It was usually worn by older women to cover up hair loss as they aged or hide thinning. It was an embarrassing thing for a young woman to wear wigs or be caught wearing wigs because it signified that the wearer had no hair. Hence, women shied away from wearing wigs due to the taboo associated with them but not anymore.

Thanks to the availability of more natural and high quality natural hair wigs and the transparency of celebrities in revealing their indulgence in wigs, this fashion item has become more mainstream and no longer considered a taboo.

Rather than just concealing baldness, wigs are now being worn to protect natural hair and give Queens the natural hair style versatility they without damaging their own crowns. Yet some women still find it embarrassing to get a wig or they are just not sure whether wearing natural hair wigs is right for them. In this article we take a look at some of the various reasons to explore natural hair wig styles and the benefits of wearing them. 

Why Wear A Natural Hair Wig

As mentioned earlier, wigs do more than mask hair loss these days. In fact, they actually help you grow your hair out while doubling as a protective style. As naturalistas, our curls, coils, and kinks are vulnerable to damage when manipulated, due to the bends on our strands. These bends on our curls are weak points; therefore, combing, washing, and styling can put much stress on our hair over time that will eventually lead to breakage and other hair damages. This is why every natural hair guru will always advise you to avoid over-manipulating your hair and embrace protective styles.

Wearing wigs is a leading choice if you are a natural because it is the ultimate protective style. Compared to natural hair extensions you can literally never touch your own tresses aside from keeping your crown hydrated and moisturized. You get to leave your hair alone while saving all the styling fuss for your wig. With your hair oiled and moisturized underneath your wig, there’s little else to be worried about as it saves you a great deal of stress and unintentional “arm workout”. Rather than spending most of your nights detangling and preparing your hair for the next day’s style, all you get to do instead is take the wig off and put it on the following day.

Knowing the downside of manipulation and how it affects hair growth often deters natural sistahs from embracing the versatility of their kinks in a bid to retain length and volume as well as to protect their curls. With natural hair wigs, you get to embrace styling versatility too.

Enjoy Style Versatility 

Wigs offer even more styling versatility than your natural hair. They do so in the sense that it gives a lot of naturalistas the option to try styles that they wouldn’t otherwise do on their natural hair due to the fear of damaging their natural tresses. If you are scared of coloring your hair but can’t stop imagining having those Beyonce blondes, you can explore coloring your wig instead.  

Want a blown out or bone straight look, but you are worried about heat damage, you need a bundle or two of our wigs. Consider our Kinky Blow Out wig or our Light Yaki wig for a bone straight look that resembles your natural hair textured. It also gives you the added advantage of doing curl-manipulative styles such as braid-outs and twist-outs without watching the weather channel to check out humidity forecasts.

Natural Half Wigs Meet You Half Way

For even more versatility, half wigs do a great job. Half wigs are basically a type of wig which allows for a section of your hair to be left out. They are secured with clips and are great if you need more length or volume. With our natural hair wigs which are made to mimic natural kinky curly coily textures, there will be little manipulation on your part to get the wig to blend with your natural hair. In addition to that, these natural wigs can be styled like natural hair due to their high quality, that is, you can do Bantu knots, wash-and-gos, dye them and cut them to suit your needs.

Concealing Hair Challenges and Transition

Wigs are also great for the beginning stages of the natural hair journey. If you are transitioning and do not know what to make of the different curl patterns on your head, wigs give you the freedom to grow your hair out to your desired length until you can chop off those relaxed ends. If you recently big chopped and need to take a break from rocking your teeny weeny afro (TWA), wigs are great for you as well. No matter your hair length or stage there’s a wig for your hair needs.

Although wigs are not primarily worn to conceal baldness these days, they are still a great fit for those who want to use them for that purpose. If you are suffering from traction alopecia due to braids snatching your edges or some other type of hair loss, natural hair wigs are perfect for you. They are also a great fit if you are undergoing chemotherapy (stay strong!) and feel uncomfortable being bare-headed.

How to Wear Natural Hair Wigs

Despite all the benefits of wearing wigs, some might still be confused over tales of wigs causing hair loss or thinning edges. Wigs can only get bad for you if you neglect your natural hair underneath it. Wigs do not replace your natural hair, in the sense that you still need to keep your hair moisturized, oiled, sleep with a satin bonnet on, trim and wash your hair when you need to. Also, let your hair and scalp breathe once in a while. Sticking to this will ensure your hair is flourishing as you enjoy your wigs and styling versatility.

Wigs can also be a terrible fashion malfunction if they are not blended well. However, each of our natural hair wigs and hair extensions are inspired by our natural curls which are steam-processed to mimic type 4 natural hair perfectly. They are so undetectable that they are bound to have you getting questions such as, “what do you do to achieve such great length or volume” by unknowing people who are not aware that you’ve got a wig on.

Knowing the importance of getting your wig to look natural, samples of different textures can be purchased prior to getting your wig so you do not shell out all those dollars on wigs that are nothing like your natural hair pattern. Order your samples today

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