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Remy Hair Extensions | Perm Rods

How to Do Perm Rods with KCY Extensions


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Natural hair and afro-textured hair come in a range of unique curl patterns that vary from person to person. Some women have very coily and curly hair, while others have less distinctive curls. Regardless of your hair type, we are committed to supplying quality remy hair extensions that will match your texture perfectly. Styling your KYC extensions may seem like a tall order but really it’s as simple as styling your own natural hair. Our clip-ins and wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair, which makes styling a breeze.

When you want to define your curls with a perm rod set and use textured hair extensions to give you a full and voluminous style it can be confusing trying to figure out what method will work best without damaging your natural hair or your extensions. Thankfully we have you covered. As most stylish ladies with natural hair know, using perm rods is a great way to give your hair lovely bouncy curls without subjecting your precious locks to damaging heat elements.

Using perm rods is one of the easiest methods available to style  KCY extensions for the no heat curls you desire. This style not only last for about five days, it also reduces the amount of time you have to spend on your hair daily. Here are a few quick tips to get the perfect perm rod set on your KCY extensions every time.

Remy Hair Extensions | Perm Rods

Keep It Clean

One of the best ways to ensure defined curls is to clean and condition your remy hair extensions prior to setting the rods. Hair setting products always work better when there is no buildup on the strands, which will give the voluminous bouncy curls you desire once the rods are removed. You can start with clean dry KCY extensions, or you may work with them while still wet.

Pick A Winner

The type of products you use on your KCY remy hair extensions will have a direct impact not only on how your curls come out but also on the longevity of your hair. Opt for a setting lotion that has a mild hold, or one that contains oil. This will ensure that your KCY extensions don’t become dry, brittle and hard to manage, but instead will remain soft and supple.  Crème of Nature has a range of moisture-infusing products that work great with natural hair textures. 

Take Your Time

Work your KCY extensions into sections instead of trying to apply the product to them all at once. By working in small sections, you can make sure to spread the product evenly throughout all the strands. Work your setting lotion through the entire length of your KCY extension piece taking care not to over saturate the strands in the process. A little product often goes a long way.

Slow Rolling

Perm rods, in general, are not very big, so make sure to use small sections to curl your hair. By using small sections, you will be able to more effectively curl the strands of the KCY natural hair extensions as well.  The smoother the hair is along the rod, the more refined the curls will be after they set. A little less than an inch of hair per rod is a good rule of thumb to follow. Take the section of hair and twist is gently from the root of the KCY extension, then proceed to twirl the section of hair smoothly around the perm rod.

Mind Your Ends

The ends of your KCY extensions are typically the first part to dry, sometimes that means they will fluff before the rest of the strands which can ruin a curl set. Use a small amount of extra setting lotion on the end part of each perm rod where the hair strands stop. Using this extra dab of cream or homemade leave-in conditioner can make or break your whole hairstyle.

Allow to Dry Completely

It’s very important that you give your remy hair extensions time to set on the perm rods. A lot of people unfurl their curls before the set is complete, which will leave you with nothing but poofy frizzy half curls and a missing chunk of time. The best option is to set your perm rods with your KCY extension in the evening and allow them to dry overnight. This will ensure that you have perfect curls in the morning in time to head to the office.

For our lovely ladies who are pressed for time, you have the option of setting the curls, applying the KCY extensions to your head, and sitting under a hooded dryer for an hour. This will give you a great look in a rather short period of time. It’s a great chance to catch up on a show you missed or read a few chapters of your favorite book.

Style With Confidence

Even if you have given your KCY extensions the proper time to dry, take a moment to check each curl before you start to separate them. Remove the perm rods carefully and touch each area of your hair that is generally thicker to ensure that it's totally dry. KCY extensions can still dry if they are damp even without the perm rods as long as you have not separated them. After they are fully dried, use a light oil or oils sheen spray to separate the curls. If you want smaller curls, separate only once, if you prefer bigger and more voluminous hair, separate 2-3 times per section for volume.

A perm rod set is a great way to slay for those who love the look of natural hair. You will love your thick curls that look great all day for work, and can easily double as a sassy style for a night out.

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