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How To Choose The Right Amount Of KinkyCurlyYaki Clip-Ins

How To Choose The Right Amount Of KinkyCurlyYaki Clip-Ins


Natural Hairstyle Recommendations  

Our KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) remy hair extensions allow our lovely customers to add volume and inches to their own natural hair without causing damage to their natural locks. When it comes to something as personal as hair extensions, you want to make sure that you make the right choice of color, length, and amounts to ensure you get the look you desire.

Natural clip-in hair extensions are a great way to get the instant length you want, to add highlights, and boost your volume without damaging your hair with chemicals or heating elements. They take only a few minutes to attach – and remove, so you can switch up your style with ease as often as you like.

Every head of hair is different, and so is every hairstyle. As such, the amount of clip-in extensions you need will depend completely on the hairstyle you have planned.  Our bundles are available in six textures and we offer KCY clip in extensions in 4 different weights in every texture for your convenience. The weight, or thickness separation in each set doesn’t refer to the strand thickness, but instead, tells you the amount of hair that is allocated to each weft. In a nutshell, the higher the weight, the more hair you will get in each piece.

how many clip ins do I need for afro hair?


KCY Weight Guidelines 

60 grams - Please note - this weight is discontinued 

120 grams – 9 pieces

Our 120 gram sets are most suited to our lovely customers who have fine, thinning, and naturally thin textured hair. If you have short hair naturally,  but are looking to add length and volume to your hair, this set is a great option.

160 grams – 9 pieces

These  are our best selling sets, they are mostly suitable for ladies who have crowns with medium thickness. Clients who want to add natural length and volume to their hair will find this set ideal.

220 grams – 9 pieces

Our largest weight is great for clients who have hair that is naturally thick. It's ideal for those who are seeking to increase their hair length exponentially.

Our sizes vary slightly from commercial bundles, so if you are accustomed to purchasing bundles from a beauty supply store, plan to buy 1 or 2 more than your usual amount.

KinkyCurlyYaki Shopper Tip: Ladies who have medium thickness can also use these larger weights to increase the volume of their hairstyles. A lot of customers often wonder why they would need a larger weight if they already have thick hair, but only want to add length. The short answer is that KCY clip-in extensions are intended to blend in naturally with your hair. In order for our pieces to blend, you need to make sure to get pieces that have a thickness that is similar to your natural hair.  So, if the clip-in pieces aren’t thick enough - they will likely be visible under your natural hair.

For ladies planning to style their hair in a full head of weave while leaving out only a minimal amount of their natural hair, we recommend that you use a minimum of two bundles for shorter lengths, and four bundles for longer lengths to give you a look of naturally voluminous hair.  As with any type of hair extension, the longer style you choose, the more hair you will need to make your look come together naturally.

Straight natural hairstyles like our, Light Yaki, collections tend to be less dense, and as such, will require more clip-in pieces to get the full look of a natural head of hair. Styles that are curlier along with textures that have more kink will require fewer bundles for a look of fullness thanks to their inherent density.

Hairstyle Planning and Cost

Human hair clip-in extensions can get costly pretty quickly. If you are looking for a way to reduce the load on your pocketbook, you can opt for a full sew in of our KYC hair instead of clip-in pieces. For the majority of sew in styles, you will need 2-3 bundles for a complete head of hair. 

Our customers that plan to use our bundles along with a lace frontal wig can use half the amount listed above, and the same goes for customers who plan to wear their hair in protective styles such as Bantu knots or African twist. Our clip in bundles can be used several times when properly maintained, and they allow you the versatility of changing your hairstyle as often as you like.

For more information about how many bundles you'll need read our brief guide here.

Place Your Order

KinkyCurlyYaki is always committed to offering you the highest quality clip-in hair extensions to fit your personal style and texture. We understand that with so many options available, it can be confusing to know just how much hair you need to accomplish the look you want. We are always happy to respond to a request for information, advice or clarification about any of our products. Find us online via chat or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for super fast responses. 

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