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How to Care for Your Remy Hair Extensions



Remy Hair Extensions | KinkyCurlyYaki

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So you have chosen upgrade your look by adding remy hair extensions to your beauty and natural hair style routine. Chances are you are turning heads everywhere you go with your new hairdo. In order to keep turning heads, it’s important to maintain your remy hair extensions with the proper care. 

Extensions made from remy hair require the same attention that you would give your own hair in order to stay soft, tangle free, manageable and silky. Here is a simple guide that will make certain that your remy extensions remain vibrant and lustrous. 

Clean, Clean & Clean

Many women enjoy the low maintenance aspect of wearing remy hair extensions, and while taking care of them can be easy, there are some basics you should follow. It’s crucial that you wash your extensions at least once a week to keep them free of odors, pollution and styling residue.

When you do wash your remy hair extensions, its best to agitate your locks in a downward motion using the palms of your hands. Avoid scrubbing or bunching your hair extentions since this has the chance of causing the open cuticles to rub against each other and become damaged.

Brush and detangle your remy hair extensions prior to washing, and avoid brushing your hair pieces while wet. The hair follicles are most delicate when they are wet, allowing your hair to air dry prior to brushings will increase the lifespan of your natural remy hair extensions. After washing, add a couple drops of pure coconut or almond oil evening through the hair while wet. This will help keep your remy extensions moisturized and shiny.

Choose Your Hair Products Wisely

Remy extensions are human hair, so they can withstand any product that you would put on your own hair. To extend their usability, it’s better to opt for gentle products that are free from alcohol. Natural hair obtains lubrication from the scalp, but remy hair extensions need to obtain them from an alternative source. Opt for products that condition and add moisture. When choosing a shampoo,  make sure you check the labels to ensure that it’s sulfate free.

Sulfate removes the oils from hair strands, but your scalp supplies nutrients to your own hair to replace those lost oils. Since remy extensions have no way of replacing them, sulfates can quickly cause the hairpiece to dry out.  Look for conditioners that have little or no added chemicals, those without silicone are also better for the health of your remy hair extensions. 

Style With Care

Remy hair extensions are natural hair, so you can style them in the same way you would your regular hair. That means that using a flat iron, hair dryer or curler is acceptable, but you should limit the use of heat in order to extend the life of your extensions.  When you do choose to style your hair, opt for the lowest heat settings and also make sure to you a heat protecting cream or spray prior to styling.

Brushing your extensions is important to ensure that you keep the strands from clumping. Use a loop brush or a wide tooth comb to care for your remy hair extensions. Start at the ends and work your way up to the top of your hair using gentle strokes. This will help prevent breakage and ensure that the cuticles stay intact. Detangle and brush your hair prior to going to bed to avoid damaging the strands.

Natural remy hair extensions come in a variety of colors, while some may fit your style perfectly, you may choose to upgrade your hair with a custom color. Remy extensions are natural hair and can be dyed just like your own crown. However, its best to visit a professional hair salon to avoid accidental damage or over processing. Consider preforming a strand test on your extensions prior to committing to a full dye-job.

Swimming Care

Remy hair extensions can be worn and styled just as if they were your own natural hair. That being said, you should take extra care when you hit the pool and beach this summer. While you're able to wear your remy hair extensions in the pool or the ocean, but keep in mind that the chlorine that is in pool water and the salt that is in ocean water is damaging. If you happen to be wearing natural hair clip-ins, consider removing your hair extensions before you get in the water. 

Of course, removal may not always be possible, in these cases, make sure to wash your remy extensions with cold water as soon as you are finished swimming.   Cold water will prevent weakening of the cuticle, and using a mild shampoo will remove salt or other chemicals your hair was exposed to in the water. Just like a regular wash, it’s important to hydrate your remy extensions with natural oils to ensure they remain moist and vibrant.

Storage & Wraps

Remy clip in extensions should be stored carefully if you want to ensure that you can wear them for an extended period of time. Once you have taken them off, gently finger comb them to get rid of any tangles. They should then be laid flat in an airtight box and placed in a cool dry area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If your extensions are wet, allow them to air dry before placing them in storage. 

Non-removable remy extensions also require proper care and storage. You can’t put your scalp in a box, but you can detangle your hair prior to sleeping. Finger comb gently to detangle your strands while molding them all into one direction. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent overnight tangles or tears.

Remy Hair Extensions Care & Tips

We hope that our simple guide on remy hair care has revealed some tips and tricks on how to care for your remy hair extensions. By following our guide, you can be sure that your hair will look its best every time you leave the house.

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