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How to Add Volume to Ninja Buns


Clothing styles change with the seasons, and the same goes for your hair. When trends change, there is always something that stylish women use as inspiration to make their looks pop. This year, the ninja bun is making the rounds among the bold and trendy who love to wear their natural hairstyles. Ninja buns give you a versatile look that’s easy to do in minutes and appropriate for both work and play. 

You can style your locks on the days you have set to wash your hair, you can fashion them from your natural puffs, or make them into an elegant double high bun for a bit of flair.  If your hair is a bit thin, or if you just want to give your look some volume, our remy hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume to your ninja buns while maintaining a natural look. Here are a few tips on how to add volume to various ninja bun hair-do’s using KYC extensions.

Ninja Buns | KinkyCurlyYaki


Traditional Ninja Buns

To achieve traditional ninja buns section the hair from the very middle of your head, giving equal amounts to both the right and the left sections. You can make a custom part with swirls, zigzags, or even a single cornrow down the middle for added style. Next, brush each side well to remove tangles and fluff the curls. Once you have brushed each side, secure the sections with hair bands. 

Hair that is tied or bound can often dry out along the edges, use an oil sheen spray, or a light moisturizer on the back sections for a healthy look. After that, stretch and fluff the hair to give it a bit more fullness, add in one of our KYC textured remy hair extensions by attaching it at the bottom of the ponytail and curving it around your natural puff.  Bring out the front look of your hair by adding a few waterfall curls on each side just below your temples. To get an extra refined finish that won’t move all day, use a bit of holding product, like Palmers Olive Oil Edge Control, for a smooth finish. 

Half Up Ninja Buns 

One elegant way to wear ninja buns is to make two cute buns on the top of your head while leaving the back portion of your hair loose. This is a fun style that doubles as a protective hairstyle to wear while out on the town, or just hanging out at home. If you have braid outs, old twist outs, or have done a wash and go, this is a great way to utilize the messier style while still looking trendy.  Secure the front part of your hair along the front edges with a soft bristle brush, and sweep it up into a soft bun.

Secure the bun with a metal-free hair band. Repeat on the other side. For a little bit of added flair, consider adding a zigzag part in the middle between the buns. Once you have secured the buns, take one of our KYC clip-in extensions and attach the base to the back part of the bun. Loosely wrap the hair around the bun in a criss-cross pattern and tuck the ends into the bottom of the bun. Repeat the same process on the other side to achieve that extra full look you desire.  Gently brush out the back portion of your hair, or lay it over your shoulder to complete the style.

Chunky Ninja Buns

Natural Black hair comes in a variety of curl patterns, which make ninja buns the perfect choice for creatively simple hairstyles. Lovely ladies that love to rock chunk twist can easily convert to ninja buns in just a few short steps. Chunk twist that are a couple days old tends to look smoother at the roots while retaining their texture along the rest of the hair length, giving the perfect canvas for fluffy, flirty buns.

To achieve chunky ninja buns portion your hair into two equal sections, one on the top and one on the bottom, taking care not to overly disturb the roots. Starting with the rear bun, brush the hair along the nape of your neck and the middle of your head down smoothly and pull the hair into a ponytail. Depending on the amount of volume you want, add one or two KYC remy hair extensions to the ponytail, and twist the hair into a semi-firm bun. Tuck the ends into the bottom of the bun with a bobby pin, or with a clear rubber band. For the top bun, take a small amount of oil or edge control cream and apply it along the front hairline. 

Brush the hair in one direction from all points, collecting it on the top of the head. Make sure to catch all stray hair for a super sleek look. Pull your hair into a ponytail and twist into a bun with your KinkyCurlyYaki extensions and secure with bobby pins along the bottom of the bun.  Lay down baby hair, or brush back your edges as you prefer for a fun look with extra volume.

Try Ninja Buns Today

Ninja buns are a fun look for any time of the year. When you need a cute style but don’t have a lot of time, these ready to rock buns make perfect sense. We have a range of textures, colors, and lengths of KYC natural hair extensions so you are sure to find just the perfect piece to give you the volume you desire.

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