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About KCY Hair Textures | Natural Hair Wigs | Yaki Straight Collection

Everything You Need to Know About KCY Textures

About KCY Hair Textures | Natural Hair Wigs | Yaki Straight Collection

Buying a natural hair wig or extensions is not as simple as picking up groceries. You have to consider a host of things. Do you want a lace front or a u-part? Will a full wig or natural hair extensions compliment your lifestyle?

The texture of the hair is also very important and something you must decide on when looking into buying any hair extensions or wig. Choosing one that blends with your natural texture can be overwhelming and tough. To make your choice easy and straight forward, KinkyCurlyYaki offers you six high quality natural hair textures that blend with your own natural texture. 

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  • Light Yaki

  • The Light Yaki Collection is one of our straight textures, and is known for its smooth and silky feel. The textured is designed to mimic relaxed or straightened Black hair. To ensure seamless blending you'll find that it is not to silky or too coarse for a realistic blend. 

    Style Tip: The best way to retain the softness and realistic look of Light Yaki is to deep condition the wig twice a week. Do not forget to use a moisturizing conditioner.

  • Coarse Yaki

  • Taking its inspiration from 4A and 4B hair type, our Coarse Yaki texture is slightly thicker than the Light Yaki. With this texture, you get the best of both worlds – the smoothness of straight hair and the volume you love. 

    If you are keen on the look of straight hair but do not want the silky finish that usually accompanies it then our Coarse Yaki texture is for you. It will complement your natural 4A and 4B texture for seamless blending with our clip-ins or bundles.

    Style Tip: Co-washing and air drying this texture is highly recommended. Avoid direct and high heat and opt for a hooded dryer or low heat blow dryer when you want to dry your Coarse Yaki hair quickly. 

  • Kinky Blow Out

  • Out of all our straight textures, Kinky Blow Out gives you the most volume and fullness. Resembling the 4C hair type blow dried, our Kinky Blow Out texture has a very sleek yet thick look to it. Use this texture if you need to add volume or fullness to your 4C hair type. It can be used to make beautiful and full updos as well as braid outs. This texture is tangle free and resistant to shedding.

    Style Tip: To retain the texture of this collection use minimal product. Also, it is advised that you co-wash your Kinky Blow Out texture for best results.

  • Afro Coily

  • The Afro Coily Collection offers you a firmly twisted texture that does not have any distinct curl pattern. You get full and fluffy hair that is big and kinky in every way. If you have been looking to add volume or length to your natural hair consider this texture for seamless blending. 

    Style Tip: Avoid heat styling with this texture and enjoy it's natural state. If you need to get rid of the knots in the wig, detangle it gently with your fingers to preserve the kink that you love. 

  • Afro Kinky Curly

  • Our Afro Kinky Curly texture gives you beautiful pencil-sized twists that deliver a bouncy and voluminous style. This texture is very realistic and is very similar to the natural 4A hair type. We like to think of this texture for Queens with the #BigHairDontCare worldview. 

    Style Tip: Co-washing is highly recommended for taking care of your Afro Kinky Curly hair, as this will retain the softness as well as provide the moisture the hair needs. Remember to let this texture air dry and avoid heat as much as possible. 

  • Kinky Curly

  • Designed to be very similar to the 3C hair type, our Kinky Curly texture is known for its looser more defined curl pattern. This natural hair texture is very durable yet soft to touch. You can cut, dye and repeat and this texture will always bounce back. 

    Style Tip: Before co-washing this natural hair wig, it is very important to detangle the knots, use your fingers to do so. To retain the Kinky Curly texture, deep condition every 2 to 3 weeks.

    Finding Your Texture 

    Finding the textures you love begins with experiencing them in real time. Depending on your existing hair type and the need of the hour, choose one or more of our textures to explore. Don't chance it - begin by ordering a texture sample kit today to get started. 

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