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textured hair extensions

Everything You Need to Know About KCY Texture


textured hair extensions

Let’s face it - finding extensions for black hair isn’t a walk in the park. It’s typical to find a company that boasts authentic extensions that look great and last long, but instead, you’re treated to poor quality that fails to blend with your natural curl pattern and hair texture. Our hair is unique, and our extensions should be too. That's why I founded KinkyCurlyYaki and am committed to providing high quality textured hair extensions that looks just like your own hair. 

We offer a wide range of natural hair-inspired textures that perfectly mimic our beautiful tresses, from the kinkiest 4C texture to even the sleekest relaxed look. With these 6 realistic textures, you can finally be treated to versatility and style in one place.

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Afro Coily

The kinkiest of the set, this texture is soft and fluffy, inspired by 4C hair. Known for being tightly coiled with no defined curl pattern, 4C hair is also famous for its extreme shrinkage - of up to 75 percent its length - and for being quite fragile when detangled or styled roughly. Thankfully, the Afro Coily selection at KinkyCurlyYaki is high-quality hair extensions that looks and feels great, but with the right care, it won’t break or shed like your natural hair might.

To keep this hair looking its absolute best, treating it as you would your own 4C hair is highly recommended. No heat, no flat ironing and gentle detangling are the main steps you can take to keep the curl pattern and softness of this hair looking and feeling like new.

Afro Kinky Curly

This gorgeous curl pattern gets its inspiration from 4A hair, which is made up of pencil-sized coils.  KinkyCurlyYaki’s Afro Coily hair is springy and shiny with lots of shrinkage yet balanced with fullness that will give your natural hair the added volume it needs. The texture itself is the perfect balance of frizz and curls and matches any 4A crown perfectly.

For this hair, you’ll want to treat it super gently. Washing the hair with a regular conditioner instead of a shampoo will cleanse it just fine, while also restoring moisture and softness to the strands. After a conditioner wash, letting the hair air dry will prevent tangling and heat damage to give you the longest wear.

Kinky Curly

For all the 3C-haired girls, our Kinky Curly natural hair extensions is inspired by your looser-textured spiral curls with tons of definition. With the right cut, 3C hair can have tons of body, and texture that definitely is as close to the real thing as you’ll get. It’s extremely soft to the touch, doesn’t tangle easily and lasts long - with the right care, of course! For tips on how to care for you natural hair wigs read my post, How to Care for Natural Hair Extensions

Just like with your natural hair, you can use curl defining products to further enhance the curls in this texture. However, after you’re done, we advise against disturbing these curls in any way to preserve your look. Similarly, drying products like alcohols can compromise the appeal of this hair, so it’s best that you stay away from products like hairsprays and mousses.

Kinky Blowout

When it comes to straight textures, our Kinky Blowout is first in line to wow customers. The kinkiest of the set, it’s been processed to look exactly like blown-out 4C hair: thick, coarse and sleek.  It’s straight but not bone straight, perfect for those ladies who still like a bit of texture to their straight looks. This selection by KinkyCurlyYaki can be flat ironed or curled, or even used as a great base for twist outs, braid outs or updos. Shedding and tangling is virtually non-existent, given that you give the hair the care it needs.

Just like most of the textures we offer co-washing is best for this type of hair. Less is more when it comes to the Kinky Blowout, as minimal product or oil is best for this texture.

Coarse Yaki

Next in line is our Coarse Yaki. Though not as coarse and thick as the Kinky Blowout, this texture is a close second, inspired by the texture of blown out 4A or 4B hair. With this hair, you have all the sleekness of straight hair and none of the hassle of maintaining a curl pattern. Whether you choose clip-ins, bundles or a full wig, this hair is perfect for those girls who love the look of straight hair but aren’t looking for a silky straight finish.

After washing this hair you should air dry it to preserve its texture, but if you absolutely must use heat to speed up the drying process, opt for low heat on a blow dryer or hooded dryer.

Light Yaki

This smooth, silky texture is the closest thing you’ll get to bone-straight hair here at KinkyCurlyYaki. Inspired by a newly straightened look of a fresh relaxer, this texture has lots of body, movement and shine, and is great for added length to already-relaxed hair.

If you intend to use additional heat on this hair to get it even straighter, it’s definitely best that you use a strong heat protectant. To prevent unwanted shedding, you can also seal the wefts with KinkyCurlyYaki’s weft sealant. To retain softness and health, a bi-weekly deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner is also recommended.

No matter your hair type, KinkyCurlyYaki’s variety of textured hair extensions is sure to have something for you. Whether you’re looking to match your own hair type or try a different texture, you can rest assured that regardless of your preference, you’ll be enjoying realistic, high-quality hair that stands the test of time.


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