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Do’s and Don'ts of Natural Hair Wigs

Do’s and Don'ts of Natural Hair Wigs


Gone are the days when you had to steer clear of wearing wigs because they looked unnatural and out of place. Today, natural hair wigs offer you the chance to wear your hair just like you like it – with a natural feel and look. Wigs are appreciated for their versatile styling options. You can go from a short bob to waist-length afro hair in a matter of minutes. Wigs have made it extremely easy to try various hairstyles, without you having to alter your own tresses as they protect your crown effortlessly. 

While natural hair wigs are excellent additions to your beauty regime, you cannot take their durability for granted. They are a long-term beauty investment – if you don’t take proper care of them, they will not give you any gains. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you are planning to wear natural human hair wigs.


Choose the highest quality of human hair

Natural hair wigs come in various grades. Therefore, when you are choosing a natural hair wig, it is important to select one that is of high quality. A high grade natural hair wig is not only more manageable, but it also wears better over time as they are less likely to shed excessively. The higher quality that you choose, the longer the life span of the wig. 

Select a wig that suits your skin tone

Since you are planning to wear a wig, why not experiment with different colors? The best thing to do while choosing the color is to ensure that it compliments your skin tone, your eyebrows, and even your eyes. A flattering natural hair wig looks more natural and shows you are fashion savvy. 

  • Take your natural hair wig to your hairstylist
  • Go to a professional hairstylist to get your wig fitted and also to get it styled. Think of your natural hair wig as a tailor-made dress – a customized fit can make all the difference. There is absolutely no harm in trying different hairstyles, and deciding the one you like the most on your natural hair wig. Ensure that the natural hairstyle that you choose is easy for you to maintain.

  • A partial wig is also helpful
  • If you are new to wearing wigs, you might consider going in for a partial wig first. The benefit of partial wigs is that they are easier to blend in as some of your own hair is visible. This is what makes partial wigs look more natural than full wigs. Make sure you match the texture of your hair with the wig.

    Wash your natural hair wig regularly

    Wearing a wig made of natural hair is a commitment, and you will most likely be wearing it frequently. If you want your wig to last long and look great every time you put it on, you need to take good care and maintain it. Washing your natural hair wig and keeping it in a good condition will not only make it look more natural, but it will also extend its longevity by reducing shedding and excessive tangling or knots. Before you put on your wig for the first time, remember to wash and condition it.

    Finger comb your curly hair wig

    The best way to maintain your natural curly hair wig is to finger comb it – stay away from combs as much as possible. Finger combing your kinky curly wig ensures that there is less hair breakage and that the curls remain intact and defined.


    Just like there are some things you need to do in order to maintain your natural hair wig, there are some things that you should avoid at all costs. As the leading natural hair wig distributors here's what we recommend. 

    Don’t use excessive heat or styling products on your wig

    When you are styling your wig, ensure that you do not use excessive heat. Even if you use hair dryers or straighteners, it should not be more than once a week and you must use a heat protector spray on your wig. Styling products form a layer of product on the wig and make it look unwashed and greasy. Use both heat and styling products sparingly on your natural hair wigs.

    Don’t wear a natural hair wig that is incorrect in size

    If your wig is too loose, there are chances of it slipping off, looking out of place, or riding up. On the other hand, if your wig is too tight, it will have undesirable effects on your own hair such as breakage and hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the crown of you head sized by a professional before ordering a natural hair wig.

    Don’t ignore your hairline

    When you are wearing a wig, it is vital that you don’t ignore your own hair. Wig caps are known to protect the hair under the wigs, however, they also cause dryness and sometimes even breakage along the hairline. Some wigs have clips or combs – apply a little bit of hair oil on them to keep them from irritating your scalp.

    Don’t wear them all the time

    Albeit convenient, it is possible that you will forget all about your own hair when you are wearing wigs. Therefore, see to it that you remove wigs from time to time, be it every night or alternate days. Use this time wisely to take good care of your hair and scalp. Remember to deep condition and trim your hair regularly for defined curls and to promote growth and hydration. 

    Don’t use sulfate containing shampoo and conditioner on your wigs

    Shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfate are a bane to your natural hair wigs. These sulfates take away the essential oils and shine from your wig, making them appear dry and frizzy. Instead of sulfate shampoos, use shampoos and conditioners that are made for processed human hair – they are designed to put moisture back in your natural hair wigs.

    Don’t style your curly natural hair wig when it is dry

    It is crucial that you remember to style your curly hair wig when it is still wet. Styling when it is dry will only result in a frizzy and undefined curls just like your own natural crown. 

    Natural hair wigs give you an opportunity to revamp your look without having to worry about using products on your own hair. They are excellent protective styles that give you style versatility and rest from dealing with your curls everyday. Keep these do’s and don’ts handy, and you will rock natural hair wigs like a celebrity everyday. 

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