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Four Fabulous Back to School Hairstyles for Naturalistas

Four Fabulous Back to School Hairstyles for Naturalistas


Words by: Dinesha Johnson

Every year when the summer begins to wind down, the only thing keeping me from falling into a back to school induced depression is the idea of recreating my look. I love the idea of leaving school and coming back changed, almost like a mini glow up took place over my summer vacation. What’s the best way to show off a mini glow up you might ask? Hair.

New hair is the easiest way to stand out during the back to school season for one reason, it’s unexpected! During the school year we fall into beauty and hair routines out of convenience and comfort, so switching it up is sure to catch some attention.

You’re probably thinking this transformation sounds nice, but how do we accomplish so much slayage in such a short amount of time? We have our top 4 natural hair tips and styles to help switch up your look.

1. Use temporary hair dye to add some bold highlights or a trendsetting streak. Adding a little hair pumps up the drama for a big statement in this look from Romance of the YT channel, Hey Curlie.

2. If you’re looking for a style that will last a bit longer, why not take the plunge and dye your hair permanently by adding some ombre. Embody the fierceness of Janae Mason with her ombre extensions DIY tutorial.

3. If dying your hair isn’t your thing, fear not. Here are three styles you can alternate throughout the week from Ashley of the YouTube channel YoursNaturally11.

4. Get inspired and incorporate some bold braids to freshen up your look. We love this chunky braid look from Tommie of HairdeLaCreme.

Regardless of length, texture or color don’t allow your hair to discourage you from making a change. The versatility of natural hair is always an opportunity for you to recreate yourself and act on your creativity. Stay inspired and we wish you the best on your journey back to school!

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