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4 Gift Ideas for Natural Hair Mamas

4 Gift Ideas for Natural Hair Mamas


Words by: Sheriden Garrett

Natural hair should be coveted, cared for properly, and maintain the regality of a crown. On a mother, it’s given its power from the graceful embodiment of a true queen. She has birthed nations, moved mountains, turned princesses into new generations of queens – all from the essence and expanse of her hips, the very reason why we utter her honor every time we say “mama”. 

For the Mama Whose Tresses Are in Need of a Little TLC

hair products as gift for natural hair

Allow your natural hair mama to bask in the delight of deep conditioning with London Ivy’s Babassu Honey Moisture Rich Deep Conditioner. With its key ingredient of Brazilian Babassu oil adding moisture to the hair by penetrating strands, repairing dry hair, and correcting past damage – it is a deep conditioning must for a natural looking to give her locks some TLC. For an extra moisture bunch, also check out their Moisture Bundle.


For the Mama Who Wants to Protect Her Sexy

The Metallic Libra is a signature of the family owned team My Crowning Jewel and is affectionately called “Hot Mama” by the people who make them. The scarves are an alternative to the tried and true method of using satin bonnets to protect your hair while you sleep. The fact that it is adjustable means you can wear them during the day as easily as you would at night. Who doesn’t want to feel like a goddess while they protect their hair?

For the Mama Looking to Add Length to Her Crown

kinky blow out straight hair


Kinky Blowout Clip-Ins by KinkyCurlyYaki are the perfect way to add length and volume to any struggle twist out. These clip-ins are made from 100% virgin remy hair and are processed by steam to mimic the curl pattern of kinkier textured hair (any 4A, 4B, or 4C naturals out there?). It’s the perfect way to create drama with none of the fuss. Available in 14”, 16”, and 18”.

For the Mama Who Wants to Tap Into Baduizm

natural hair queen in headwrap

Gift your mama with a gift that keeps on giving, like a headwrap made from a loud, gorgeous piece of fabric. Harlem-based Fanm Djanm has a beautiful, extensive selection of headwrap scarves that are already measured in the proper dimension to achieve multiple headwrap looks, from Badu to traditional turban. Saw we a x Fanm Djanm, shown in the photo above, gives nostalgia as a perfect nod to the neosoul queen’s trademark look. It’s the perfect bad hair day remedy and adds swag to any look.

Which gift idea would you give your natural hair mama to help her along her journey? Share with me below. Happy Mama’s Day Queens.

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