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9 Wig Styles Inspired By Beyonce

9 Wig Styles Inspired By Beyonce



Beyonce is known for her powerful lyrics, crod-rocking performances, and her overall ability to define fashion when it comes to trending natural hairstyles. Beyonce has inspired fans so much with her glamorously rock star hair that we are taking a look at nine Beyonce inspired natural hair wigs styles that slay.

Wavy Chin-Length Bob Wig - 2014 Grammy Awards Show

Beyonce showed up at the 2014 Grammy Award Show with a super sexy and playful wavy, chin-length bob hairstyle. Wearing her signature center part, the bob hairstyle became a hit for its dark roots that turn into dark blonde followed by bright blonde ends. This led fans to want to create the look for themselves but without having to risk damaging the hair from coloring. Instead, we began to see wig styles that captured the sexy yet edgy style. To create the look consider ordering our Light Yaki wig and maintain your crown while still achieving the look you want. 

Wet & Wild Beach Wave Bob - Drunk in Love video

The wet, wild and wavy look that Beyonce pulled off in the “Drunk In Love” video left fans wanting to replicate the ultra sexy and feminine look for themselves. The defined left part allows beautiful wavy strands to fall across the sides of the face while the hair is cut shorter in the back to create an effortless and sexy cropped bob. This look can be recreated by using wet and wavy hair, afro-staight, or yaki hair to create a wig or sew-in. The hair can be cut short in the back and at the chin as you move toward the face. 

Long  Cascading Waves

This bohemian look is a fan favorite and looks great on various facial shapes. Beyonce loves her long and fabulous hair and you can find the singer rocking long, loose cascading waves or curls any day of the week. This seems to be her signature style and you can get the same look with a bohemian wave human hair wig. The curls are big and loose as they flow around the face, neck, and down the back.

Sleek Caramel Blonde with Ombre Roots

At the “Life Is But a Dream” HBO documentary premiere, Beyonce turned heads with her sleek signature caramel and blonde locks complemented by a deep center part. A simple yet elegant style, the look can be easily achieved with the right wig. A lace front wig would be best to mimic the center part and give it a natural look. The roots are darker as the hair flows out into caramel blonde right below the bust. To recreate this look, try a blonde lace front wig with darker roots to give you the same gorgeous red carpet ready look as Beyonce. Coloring a wig is not always easy. Watch this tutorial by MariaAntoinette TV on How to Color and Make a Natural Hair Wig.

Bone Straight Blonde with Center Part

Beyonce is no stranger to long, bone straight hair and she demanded attention at the 2016 Met Gala with over 22 inches of hair extensions to give her a simple yet elegant look. The center part complements her oval face while the varying shades of blonde perfectly accentuate her skin tone. The long, bone straight hairstyle has inspired many companies to replicate this look to bring you the same, simple elegance for everyday wear with beautiful highlights throughout the hair. You could also recreate the look by making your own wig using bone straight or afro-silky hair textures.

Loose Ombre Curls

We’ve seen the ombre look on Beyonce and we love it! Her gorgeous honey blonde hair at the top flows beautifully into a darker caramel blonde at the back. The loose curls soften the dramatic effect of the colors that change immediately from one section to another. Loose ombre curls are easily created with rods and natural hair products. The key to maintaining the definition of your curls is to embrace natural hair products. Natural hair products help to not only protect the hair but also reduce frizz.  

Blonde Pixie Cut Wig – Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce certainly shocked fans when she showed up on her Instagram page with a short, cropped blonde Pixie cut. It’s the perfect cut for the summer but not everyone wants to chop off all their hair to get this look. Despite your hair length, you can still achieve the look by wearing a short, pixie cut wig that is flattering to your facial shape and a color that complements your skin tone. There are several colors available for you to choose from including the light gold color as seen on Beyonce herself.

Braided Cornrows with Side Part - Formation video

Who didn’t love the throwback cornrow braids as seen in Beyonce’s “Formation” video? Reminiscent of how Bey wore her braids back in her Destiny’s Child days, the style is accentuated by a side part and cornrows are braided to one side and left long and flowing to give the hairstyle a modern and edgy look. Using extension hair, you can have your own hair braided to get the look. If you want something that doesn’t require you to sit in a stylist’s chair for a couple of hours you can find the same braided hairstyle in a wig with a quick Internet search.

Medium Length Curly Bob - Elle Magazine photographed by Paola Kudacki - May 2016

Beyonce was photographed by Paola Kudacki for Elle Magazine wearing a gorgeous medium length bob with loose curls. The side part and golden highlights give her hairstyle depth while the loose curls naturally graze the singer’s collarbone for a soft finish. This effortless, feminine look is loved by fans who adore big, full hair and aren’t afraid of color. This look can be achieved by wearing a chin length half-wig and blending your own hair with the look. If you prefer to go for a bolder color without damaging your own hair wigs will quickly become your best friend.

The key to being a successful natural is to rely on protective styles. Wearing natural hair wigs is one of the most convenient and versatile options you have when it comes to feeling confident in your crown.For more information about hair wigs and if they are right for you read our blog Is A Natural Hair Wig Right For You

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