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9 Reasons to Try Remy Hair Extensions

9 Reasons to Try Remy Hair Extensions


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Natural remy hair extensions are a excellent way to change your look without damaging your natural locks. Hair loss or thinning hair is one reason many ladies feel uncomfortable wearing their hair styled naturally. Perhaps you want to try the natural look before transitioning, extensions are the perfect way to try out various styles before you commit.  Here are 9 great reasons to explore natural remy hair extensions this year.

Glow Up? Try Grow Up!

There is a common myth that hair extensions cause your hair to fall out, while it’s true that improperly applied extensions can damage your roots, when done right, natural hair extensions can help grow your hair and work as excellent protective styles. How? Instead of option for tracks that use glue, choose clip-in natural hair extensions.

These types of hair extensions won’t pull on your roots, and since there is no glue used, your scalp can breathe which encourages hair growth. When you grow out your natural hair, it usually is accompanied by strange lengths which can really throw your style. Natural hair extensions hide uneven growth so you can look great while maintaining healthy hair growth and transition with confidence.

Pump Up The Volume

Volume is a common issue women everywhere face when it comes to styling their hair. Natural remy hair extensions are great way to add fullness to your style instantly.  Natural curly clip-ins or sew-ins offer the instant boost you need for give you the look, texture and feel you desire.

Pay To Slay

We all love to take inspiration from our favorite artist and celebrities. While they may have a team of stylist at their beck and call to make them look fabulous for the camera, it doesn’t mean that we can't look just as beautiful. Natural remy hair extensions are a easy way to mimic red carpet styles without breaking the bank at a fancy salon. Be bold and go for those long Beyonce lemonade braids, or be daring by using colored natural hair extensions to craft colorful bantu top knots. Extensions are a awesome way to experiment with various celebrity natural styles.

Fake It Til You Make It

Wearing your hair naturally is more than just a trend, it’s a total lifestyle commitment. Caring and maintaining natural hair does require a certain amount of time commitment, but if you are not ready for that, natural hair extensions are a good way to test the waters.

There are so many choices for natural remy hair add-in’s on the market, from a full on afro, to the more traditional braids. Choose one or several to test drive prior to transitioning. This will help you choose the best look for your personal style as well as give you a taste of how it feels to wear natural hair styles.

Flip The Script

Natural hair is beautiful, but it does have limitations just like any other type of hair. Natural hair extensions are a way to instantly transform your look giving your more hair to play with, and thus more options for natural styling. You can add colored strands of textured hair to your already beautiful waves, or opt for something that matches your current shade perfectly.  Adding in natural extensions gives you the ability to create versatile styles with no limit.

Protect & Serve 

We all know the benefits of protective hairstyles for natural hair, but did you know that natural hair extensions can help protect your luscious locks too? Many women who are in the process of transitioning complain of hair damage preventing them from getting the natural look they want.  Instead of trying to force your already damaged hair into trendy styles, give it the TLC it needs to repair itself. In the meanwhile, make use of gentle clip-in natural hair extensions to get the style you want without further damaging your scalp and roots.

Touch The Rainbow

Having natural hair doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with color. If you ever wanted to try new colors, but don’t want to damage your natural hair, then hair extensions present the perfect alternatives. You are able to choose any color of the rainbow for your natural hair extensions. Try adding your favorite color of low-lights or highlights exactly where you want, without worrying about the damage that can be caused by dying your own crown. If you want to try out a colorful bold look for just one weekend, natural hair extensions are the way to go about it without committing to the style for the long term.

Get Up And Go

Taking care of natural hair can be time consuming. We are sure you don’t mind putting in work to look great, but sometimes you just want to get out the door as quickly as possible. Adding natural hair extensions or wearing a natural hair wig is an easy way to cut down your hair prep time in the morning.  Instead of spending hours at home or at the salon to get the perfect look, use hair extensions to cut your prep time in half.

Depending on what style of natural remy hair extensions you choose, such a braids or a wig, you can be ready in moments as opposed to spending a hour in the mirror just for your hair.

Length & Youth

For women who wear their hair naturally, length can be a definite issue when it comes to styling. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all natural hair is thick, so ladies with fine hair are in the same predicament as those with shorter natural hair. Natural hair extensions are a great way to remedy these issues while maintaining a natural look. Natural remy hair extensions are also a great way to look younger without going under the knife. As you age, hair thins as well as loses its natural luster, adding in natural additions helps boost your natural locks to recover that youthful fullness every woman desires.

Try Natural Remy Hair Extensions Today

No matter what you choose, natural hair remy extensions are a great way to boost your look without making permanent changes or damaging your natural hair. Consider these reasons to explore natural hair styles today and find a look that works for you. 


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