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Natural Hair Queens of Then and Now

Natural Hair Queens of Then and Now


In honor of Black History Month and the queens who have paved the way in the media, owning and holding their blackness up with pride, we are dedicating a post to natural hair we’ve idolized throughout time back then and in the here and now. What’s a queen without her crown? Still a queen. And these women wore their regality in through their hair rather proudly.

Nina Simone

Simone gave a heartbeat and backbone to the jazz movement of the 50s and 60s. She was not only influential as a musician, but also as a political activist during the Civil Rights Movement. The color of her skin, the shape of her lips, the size of her nose, and the kink of her hair were vessels she used to create poetry about her music, extensions of her expression, parts of her she loved even when the world shouted, “Don’t.”

Chaka Khan

Baby, baby, when I look at you… The now 62 year old Queen of Funk had pipes, hair, and body for days back in the day and even now. Her smile was effervescent and infectious. In addition to being a defining soul singer of her time, Khan was active in the black power movement as a Lady Panther. In fact, that was where Chaka Khan was born. She’s every women and had everything women needed.

Diana Ross

Before there was a Bey, there was a D. Diana Ross is the reigning queen Supreme, getting her start as the lead singer of the R&B staple girl group The Supremes back in the mid- to late- 60’s. The Supremes scored 12 chart topping number 1 Billboard hits and the group would go down in history as the only girl group to do so. Although she came with a group, Diana wore her star power undeniably and it was clear who the breakout solo artist would be. With a career in film and an equally successful career as a solo artist, Ross would go in history as one of the first divas. From a huge afro to wavy ringlets, Diana Ross was a natural haired queen who reigned supreme throughout the decades.

Tracee Ellis Ross

The 43 year old Black-ish actress and daughter of the icon Diana Ross, is no stranger to embracing her natural hair. From her roots on the popular black sitcom Girlfriends, the curly haired starlet wowed us as type A Joan and her hips and curves for days. She and the show represented a side of black women are not accustomed to being elevated and to this day still reigns supreme as a female-centered sitcom that resonated with us most.

Erykah Badu

Her Baduizms have had us hypnotized ever since she came on the scene with her good riddance to her lover on the candid track “Tyrone”. Badu is the queen of calm, coolness, and her crown has always been an extension of her artistry and her vibe as a person. Whether adorned in elaborate headwraps or a buzz cut or a wild, crazy, effortless head of curls, Badu never ceases to wow us in her magical, unicorn whimsy.


The extent upon which Solange embodies a carefree black girl goes without saying. She marches and dances to the beat of her own drum and her hair acts as the icing to her swagger. The singer/songwriter/DJ came on the scene as Beyonce’s baby sis but has quickly made a name for herself as creative, soulful, opinionated, stylish, and free. Her brand Saint Heron acts as a homage to other soulful creatives and she continues to inspire other queens to reign supreme in their being.

Which Natural Hair Queen has slayed your life and style? Why? Share with me below!


Words by Sheriden Garrett:

Twenty-something writer and lover of all things visual art. Burger and Beyonce enthusiast. Willow Smith is her spirit animal, Rihanna is her relationship goals. When she isn't writing about sex and love on xoNecole, she can be found blogging about her life on her personal blog The Indie Byline and other spaces on the interweb.

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