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5 Natural Hairstyles that are Bae Approved and Perfect for Valentine’s Day

5 Natural Hairstyles that are Bae Approved and Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is very much around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you might already have that appointment with your stylist booked, or at the very least, a Pinterest board dedicated to a handful of styling options you can attempt at home. The run of the mill go-to style might not be what you have in mind for a day or night as special as this one and you might be in the mood for something different but be unsure of where to go as far as look ideas. Here are a few natural hairstyles that are bae approved and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check out the natural hairstyles below!

Baby, I Can See Your Halo

I love this slight variation on the halo braids look. It’s achievable on all hair lengths and is one of those effortlessly elegant looks. I think it possesses regality with a touch of romanticism and allows your beauty to take the stage by taking all of the hair from your face. The little curl on the side is an added touch of personality to the look.

Up, Up, & Away

This is another updo, but it gives off a more comfortable vibe than the last. There is an intimacy that is there and perhaps its due to the intentionally “messy” bedhead look that it nods to as inspiration. It is best to attempt this look with an old twist-out. What I love most is that you can utilize Kinky Curly clip-ins to assist in adding volume to the look, particularly in the front where the bangs become side-swept.

Half Up/Half Down

Curls, curls, curls, curls, curls, curls I do adore. I love the huge dramatic curls in this look and how the front is teased a bit before gathering the hair there up into a half ponytail, the rest is allowed to cascade and flirt with your shoulders for the duration of the night. Again, Kinky Curly Yaki clip-ins can be used to create more volume and further exaggeration to add va-va-voom to this glamorous look. What I love about this updo is that it allows your face and your hair to share the spotlight for your nighttime Valentine’s Day look.

Flat Twist Up-Do

Again, this is another undeniably romantic look. I love the fact that your flat twists can be used in a versatile way and instead of being pulled apart to create the traditional twist out, they are left alone to be gathered into a low bun – a hybrid of sorts between the flat twists look and the halo braid style. Romantic will be your middle name baby girl!

If It Ain’t Broke…

I call this look The Old Faithful. It’s the big hair that all of us curlies have in our beauty arsenal and although in the beginning I mentioned that this will be a post catering to other styles in lieu of our default one, why trade in an old thing for a new thing if the old thing isn’t broken? In order to add some freshness to your go-to style, take the time to not only braid but to perm rods at the end of each braid – this will make your curls even curlier once you take down the braids. For a fuller, more dramatic look to add even more pizzazz to your Valentine’s Day hair, look into our Kinky Curly clip-in options to add to the back.

Which hairstyle will you be rocking on your Valentine’s Day out with your bae? Share below!


Words by Sheriden Garrett:

Twenty-something writer and lover of all things visual art. Burger and Beyonce enthusiast. Willow Smith is her spirit animal, Rihanna is her relationship goals. When she isn't writing about sex and love on xoNecole, she can be found blogging about her life on her personal blog The Indie Byline and other spaces on the interweb.

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