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3 Natural Holiday Hair YouTube Tutorials I’m Loving this Season

3 Natural Holiday Hair YouTube Tutorials I’m Loving this Season


The holiday season continues and as a follow up to the 3 Natural Hair Updos post we penned recently, we decided to take note of all of the fabulous quick and easy hair tutorials that have been in our Favorites as inspiration for holiday hair. With office holiday parties, Christmas, and New Year’s still around the corner, this is the perfect time to pinpoint exactly which natural hair looks you’ll be sporting for your impending holiday events.

Easy Holiday Updo by Nik Scott

Great for medium and longer lengths and easier styled on stretched hair (hello old twist out!). It gives us retro, Janelle Monae-esque teas and I’m here for it! And it’s perfect for ladies who might want something polished, but don’t really want to sacrifice their volume to achieve that look.

Natural Holiday Haristyles by Target, featuring SunKiss Alba

Alba of the beauty/hair channel SunKiss Alba collaborated with Target for her version of simple holiday hairstyles. Again, it’s better to do these styles on dry hair. What I love about this tutorial is that it includes a bevy of easy to do styles to choose from. Although the styles mostly cater to longer lengths, there is the first option of a side pin that any natural haired beauty can rock during the holidays.

Wash N’ Go Side Puff Updo by Shlinda1

Fluff out old hair and pull it up into another tried and true updo natural hair style. This one is a variation on the oldie but goodie style by placing it off to the side. I’m not sure that this is a true wash n’ go but I love how simple it is. ‘Tis the season for plenty of bobby pins and this is a style that makes you look put together seemingly effortlessly.

Last Minute Holiday Party Haristyle for Natural Hair by Klassy Kinks

Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks is definitely a favorite at KCY. Quite possibly the easiest to do of them all, this style can also be achieved on old, dry hair and is the perfect alternative to finding a last minute holiday hair look. It is QUICK! And for that reason, it could be exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you’re trying to incorporate a statement headband as an accessory to your holiday hair look.


What YouTube tutorials are you using to prep for your holiday party?


Words by Sheriden Garrett:

Twenty-something writer and lover of all things visual art. Burger and Beyonce enthusiast. Willow Smith is her spirit animal, Rihanna is her relationship goals. When she isn't writing about sex and love on xoNecole, she can be found blogging about her life on her personal blog The Indie Byline and other spaces on the interweb.

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