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8 Ways to Style Your Natural Hair with a Head Wrap

8 Ways to Style Your Natural Hair with a Head Wrap


Head wraps are timeless hair accessories – they never go out of style. These accessories are trending nowadays thanks to celebrities like Eva Mendes, Solange Knowles, and Kourtney Kardashian. When you are wearing a afro hair styles, head wraps can be used as a protective style – to shield your scalp and wig from the elements such as the sun and the wind. Wearing head wraps gives you a break from styling your natural hair wig and the time to indulge in some deep conditioning.

There are a plethora of head wrap styles to explore. Each giving you versatile style that barely takes a few minutes to pull together. I love head wraps so much that I created an entire collection, Queen of Kank Collection. Here are the 8 ways to style your hair with a head wrap and turn heads wherever you go.

Eternal Bun

The bun is perhaps the least complicated head wrap style and it will only take you a couple of minutes to style. To make an "eternal bun" take your hair and style it in a topknot in a way that it is in front of your crown. Next take the head wrap you have chosen and place it at the nape of the neck. Pull the fabric towards your forehead from both sides ensuring that you cover your ears and tie a knot in the center. Create a spiral by using the loose ends of the head wrap and twisting it. The last thing to do is to twist this spiral around the knot to create the bun.

Bow Style

If you are a fan of bows, Minnie Mouse, or Daisy Duck, this is the perfect head wrap style for you. This head wrap style works for both short kinky hair (topknot) and long afro hair (slicked back). Once you have styled your hair as per the length, take your head wrap and place it on your nape. Bring the ends of the wrap to the front and tie a knot in the center of your forehead (keeping in mind that your ears are covered). All that is left to do is to tie a bow like how you would with a shoe lace. For trendy style, be sure to tuck in the loose ends into the folds of the head wrap.

Twisted Headband

For the twisted headband, it is important to style your natural hair to be as flat as you can make it (style it in cornrows or slick it back). For even flatter results, check out these top 5 heatless ways to straighten your hair. To create the twisted headband head wrap style, start at the front and pull your head wrap towards your nape in a way that it covers all your hair. Tie it once and twist the two ends together so that they form a single twist. Now take it from one side of your head to the other – to create the a headband.

Sophisticated Knot

Just like the twisted headband style, you will have to ensure that your hair is flat for the sophisticated knot. Start from the nape of your neck and pull the two ends towards the front, be sure to cover your ears completely. Use the loose ends of the head wrap to tie a double knot – tuck the extra fabric into the wrap in a way that you cover your entire hair. 

Nefertiti Head Wrap

Feel like the Egyptian queen, when you try out the Nefertiti head wrap. Fold your head wrap lengthwise once or twice, depending upon the size of your head and the length of your hair. Place one end of the wrap at the back of your head and keep wrapping the head wrap around your head again and again, till you are only left with the ends. Tuck these ends into the folds of the head wrap. 

Loc Head Wrap

This head wrap style is perfect for those who have gorgeous afro locks and even for those with dreadlocks. But takes a bit of practice. If you don't have the length you need for this style, consider ordering some of our kinky hair extensions. Grab your hair and put it high up on your head – double check to ensure your head wrap style is not lopsided. Fold the head wrap for an inch or so lengthwise and place it on your crown. While keeping in mind that the two ends are symmetrical, pull the fabric towards your nape. Cross them over and bring them to the front once again. Now, pull one of the ends as tight as you want it to be and tuck it in the folds of the wrap – do the same with the other end.

Back Bun

Tie your afro hair in the back just above the nape of your neck. Fold your head wrap in half so that it forms a triangle and place it on your head such that the middle part of the triangle covers your neck. Use the other two ends to tie a knot at the base of your skull and fold the middle part over this knot – tightly tuck it in. Take one of the ends used to create the knot and fold it around the bun and do the same with the other end. Remember to tuck in the ends tightly.

Side Bun

Place the head wrap on your crown and pull the two ends backwards towards your nape. Tie a knot and move both strands of your head wrap on one side of your head. The next step is to twist these strands together and wrap it to form a bun on the side at your ear level.

Head wraps will be trending for a while. These are jus 8 ways to style head wraps in ways that flatter your crown. Share your favorite head wrap styles in the comments. 

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