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8 Natural Hair Styles to Wear This Spring


Curly Clip In Extensions | KinkyCurlyYaki

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Spring is just around the corner, and like every season, it’s a chance to refresh your natural hair style and do something fun to match the weather around you. With the harsh winter long gone, it’s the perfect time to let your hair out knowing it won’t be subjected to the harsh winter winds, or biting snow that can dry out most natural styles.

Cold weather usually means a lot of deep conditioning and protective styles for the majority of those who rock natural hair, this has the added benefit of encouraging growth and leaving your tresses full of extra shine and bounce for the humidity that comes with spring.

This past year has taught the natural hair community a lot about hairstyles, fashion and overall care. A twist out is far from the only style available.  Celebrities have been walking the red carpet putting more highlight on their natural locks instead of conservative styles, and a short trip through Instagram will fill your feed with influencers making waves with their innovative natural haircuts, styles, and colors geared toward showing the very best that natural hair has to offer.      

Textured hair, natural hair, and curly hair extensions are making a comeback, and there are plenty of flattering styles for fashion-forward mavens regardless of hair length or gender. If you're looking for office and social friendly natural hairstyle ideas for the spring the following style ideas are a great place to start.

Long tapered twist out-curls

Twist outs are one of the go-to styles for many. It is a versatile style that is ideal for both the office and the beach without breaking a sweat. Adding flowers or colored hair ribbons or foil is a great way to bring attention to your lovely curls while still paying homage to the season of renewal. 

Updo vintage style

You can never go wrong with an up-do, while new cuts and kinks may be all the rage, there is something to be said for classic elegance. For natural medium length hair, you will turn heads by fluffing out your curls and twisting them up into an attractive knot that sits at the base of your neck for a soft glam evening look, or  on the top of your head for an office-ready daytime style.

Long side-parted waves with natural hair clip-ins

If curls are not your style, or if you simply want a more laid-back look, bohemian side-parted waves may be just the thing. Adding clip in pieces can add extra length and volume for a viva-glam look that is suitable for the office paired with a power suit. Long flowing waves is also a great style for a night out on the town. 

Short bobbed symmetrical afro

Not everyone who rocks natural hair style wants to deal with a whole lot of hair, so for those beautiful mavens with short locks, the asymmetrical bobbed afro is a lovely spring style that showcases your heritage while remaining easy to maintain on the go. Simply brush out your do with a soft boars hair brush, part your hair on your favorable side, and shape your afro symmetrically. Add beads or shells to celebrate the season, braided clip in pieces to form a unique crown, or keep keep it simple - the possibilities are endless.

Sassy faux mohawk

Having natural hair allows you a lot more leeway in creating unique hairstyles that will set you apart from the crowd. Be a little rebellious this spring by stepping out of your safety zone with a fluffed faux Mohawk. Unlike a regular Mohawk that requires you to shave the sides, simply brush out your curls, bring everything to the center and pin them in the Mohawk line. For a bit of fun, use beaded bobby pins to hold the style in place, you will get a fun splash of color while you rock this sassy look for spring.

Short and sweet

For spring 2018, short tapered cuts that showcase color and texture are definitely in. For the office, gym, or a night out, a textured do, or one with a simple design short natural hair takes your morning hair ritual from an hour long affair to down to a 15-minute easy maintenance routine. Add spice to your spring look with a dose of bright colorful clip-ins, or if you prefer to skip the bling, just apply a bold lip and a pair of shoulder dusters to your ears and you are ready to head out the door.

Cornrow’s caps and lace

Maybe you have a short do, but want to rock a long style for spring, or perhaps you have long natural hair but want to sport a different style without changing your current look. Lace front wigs are a great way to maintain your natural hairstyle while still changing things up for the season. Simply plait your hair in tight cornrows, apply a hair cap, or a stocking cap, then pull on your favorite lace frontal wig. Be it a long wavy look, waist-length curls, or a blown out afro, there is sure to be a lace frontal wig that fits your mood this spring.

Banging spring bangs

Bangs are no longer set aside just for straight hairstyles, they are back in season and look amazing when paired with natural hair. Toss out your dreary old side or middle part and add some spring flair to your look with side bangs, short bangs, or long bangs. Moisturize your curls so your bangs fall just the way you want without fluffing or blending in with your hairstyle if you happen to have natural hair that’s very long, but don’t want to commit to the cut, then fake it. Just pull your hair up into a high ponytail letting the ends fall down forward coving your hairline, then pin to perfection for a unique spring look you're sure to see on the runway in 2018.

Time to Spring Forward

While 2018 is set to be a year that brings a return of the less is more approach to makeup, the same trendsetters agree that when it comes to the beauty that is natural curls, coils, and kinks, the more volume, and color, the better the overall look.

This year is set to offer inspiration and diversity of natural hair and texture everywhere, from the corporate office to the big box. Modern women are ready to embrace their natural beauty, and we hope that our top picks for spring styles help you embrace yours!

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