Transform Your Tapered Cut With Natural Hair Clip Ins!



Tapered cuts are a super chic way to rock your natural hair! The styled cuts are low maintenance while giving you a bit of an edge. The only downside? You can sometimes feel "stuck" with the same style. It happens to every girl!

Luckily when you're feeling adventurous you can switch things up in seconds with natural hair clip ins from KinkyCurlyYaki! Check out how Dayna from Chicnaturalistas transformed her chic cut with Afro Coily clip ins.

Dayna popped in a set of clip ins in different weights, which resulted in different looks. From a bit of volume with 60g clip ins, to full-on diva with 220g clip ins!

Just because you have a cut doesn't mean you can't mix things up from time to time! Interested in clip ins? See more textures here.