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3 Natural Hair Updos for the Holidays

3 Natural Hair Updos for the Holidays


The holidays are the perfect time of the year to debut a chic, elegant updo or two with your natural hair. Natural hair updos get a lot of love from us for its versatility, its elevation of style, and its contributions to helping naturals to retain length as a protective style. Below are 3 natural hair updos perfect for the holiday that are our hair goals this season. Check ‘em out!

Puff if You Buck


The afro puff is a timeless classic go-to for most natural hair mavens. The higher the volume of the puff, the better. Guide your strands up into a big elastic with the help of EcoStyler gel and/or your pomade of choice. For extra oomph and drama, incorporate some KinkyCurlyYaki clip-ins with your look to achieve the same height and fullness as captured above.

Twist ‘n’ Shout


Similar to the afro puff, but slightly more intricate, this updo can be achieved by twisting 5-6 flat twists that lead upward into ends that are left unraveled. If you are looking for a protective style that allows you to tuck your ends in from the weather, look no further. Simply twists your flat twists to their end, pin them up top, and clip in some of our KinkyCurlyYaki extensions. You’ll get the look while protecting your strands and do so in a way that is natural and looks exactly like your own mane, aye!

A Queen & Her Crown


A hybrid of both aforementioned styles, this look is part puff, part twist, and your hair left untouched acts as the crown that it is. Start with one flat twist on both sides, leading to the back of your head where you will then pull your hair up into a puff. It’s optional that you tuck your ‘fro away and incorporate our clips to act as your leave-out or to use your actual hair. It’s a dope, dynamic way to rock your ‘fro while still chic-ing things up with an updo for the holiday season.

What’s your favorite way to rock your natural hair during the holiday festivities?


Words by Sheriden Garrett:

Twenty-something writer and lover of all things visual art. Burger and Beyonce enthusiast. Willow Smith is her spirit animal, Rihanna is her relationship goals. When she isn't writing about sex and love on xoNecole, she can be found blogging about her life on her personal blog The Indie Byline and other spaces on the interweb.

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