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How To Bleach A Lace Closure


coarse yaki closure

Pictured: Sumetra Reed via Team Natural in Coarse Yaki w/ closure

Want to protect your whole head of hair from the elements? Then skip the leave-out and opt for a closure! It not only protects your precious locks, but also gives the illusion that the hair is springing up from your own scalp. Seriously!

What closure??? Alter Ego by Moe Diva slays her afro kinky curly lace closure. Share this video if you think its magic!

Posted by KinkyCurlyYaki on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


While we do offer two types of closures- Lace and Silk- one of our most asked questions is, "How do I bleach a lace closure?". 

With a lace closure, you may need to bleach the knots to create a more realistic appearance of the hair growing from your scalp. Now before you run off to your local drugstore and start experimenting, we recommend faux bleaching the knots instead by applying powder foundation to the knots with a makeup brush until you reach a blend-able tint.

If you're still itching to bleach your lace closure, take a look at MissBossyLive's awesome tutorial, teaching you how to bleach your knots step by step.


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