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3 Protective Styles That Look Like Your Natural Hair

3 Protective Styles That Look Like Your Natural Hair


3 Protective Styles That Look Like Your Natural Hair

You have finally decided that you want to add protective styles to your hair regimen. Congrats sis! A protective style is basically any style that tucks your delicate ends away, hence protecting them. A protective style also:

  • Provides a suitable environment for your hair to grow.
  • Protects your hair from breakage and harsh weather conditions.

You have definitely made the right choice! But remember, the two reasons only become a reality if you choose the right protective style and care for your hair under the protective style. A good protective style:

  • Is not too tight.
  • Fits the size of your hair i.e. if you have short hair, use protective hairstyles for short hair.

But then you don’t want just any protective style. You want a protective style that looks like your hair. You want to maintain the look of your hair and still look stylish. No problem, we still got you! In this article we have compiled 3 protective hairstyles that look like your natural hair. 

Read on for the full scoop!

Headband wigs

A headband wig is a type of wig which is a combination of a headband and a wig. The headband is attached at the front with hair sewn on the wig cap. When you wear it, it actually looks like you’ve worn a headband over your hair and not necessarily a wig.

Short headband wigs for Black women

Why Should I Wear a Headband wig?

  • Let’s start with the fact that it is easy to install. All you have to do is lay your edges nicely and put it on! You may also choose to skip the edges part if you have troubled edges and wear the headband wig all the way.
  • Real edges. With a headband wig, you use your own hairline further making it look like your actual hair.
  • Classy. Headbands have a way to add class to your hair game. Headband wigs often have a black headband attached to them but you can buy other headbands and wear over the black headband. Experiment with headbands of different colours and prints to find which suits you best.
  • Easy to style. A headband wig can be styled in so many ways. You can decide to do a middle part on your hair or wear the headband all the way. You may decide to put it into a bun or wear it as it is.

Our headband wigs are the perfect wigs for beginners. Our quick wigs are 100% human hair handcrafted with a stretchy cap, adjustable Velcro band and sewn in combs for a secure fit. We got you sis!

Clip ins 

This is another temporary protective style. Clip ins are basically strands of hair that have clips attached to them. The clips are the ones that you’ll use to clip the hair to your head.

wefted hair for black women

 Why Wear Clip ins?

  • Clip ins are also easy to install. It takes a few minutes and you can do it on your own. You can remove them at any time and it also takes a short time to remove them.
  • Look like your hair, helping you improve your hair game.
  • Versatile. Because clip ins actually look and feel like your hair, you can style them in so many ways, just like with your hair. 
  • Protects your hair. Clips do not damage your hair as the clips attached to them are hair friendly. They allow you to grow your hair while you look stylish.
  • Clip ins add volume to your hair making it look fuller.
  • They also last longer and are very easy to care for.

 KinkyCurlyYaki clip ins are perfect to those who are new to protective styling or those who want a quick way to change it up! Add length and volume in just minutes! 

Weft Hair Extensions

Wefts, or bundles as they are normally called, are basically like clip ins but instead of having clips, the hair is sewn on to a thin piece of fabric. This extension is then sewn on to your hair.

wefted hair extensions

Why should I install wefts?

  • Protects your hair from things that may damage it. That is heat, the weather or even you through over manipulation.
  • Wefts help your hair grow. Having wefts on reduces breakage that your hair would have gone through helping it grow.
  • They are versatile. With wefts you can dye them to any colour you wish. You can also style them in various ways. You can also trim the wefts for a short hairstyle and so much more.

If wefted hair is your thing, our bundles provide a great coverage for protective and damage free sew in styles. Use our machine wefted bundles to create easy extensions, achieve a natural looking sew-in, custom wig or ponytails… the option are endless!

What protective style will you be rocking? 

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