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Protective Styling: Is it for YOU?


There are times when I just don’t have the time or maybe I just don’t feel like styling my hair.  Whether I feel like it or not, my natural locks still need protection to maintain and encourage healthy growth.  One of my favourite and most used techniques is utilizing protective styling.  

I know you may feel as though you may need a break from your hair, but your hair needs a break as well. Daily styling can stress your hair out pretty quick.  Alleviating this type of stress with protective styling fosters an environment in which hair can rest, revitalize, and grow.

Besides retaining growth, protective styling also:

  • Naturally softens hair (oils are held in the hair longer, keeping hair moisturized)
  • Low Maintenance (so you can hit the snooze a bit more in the morning)
  • Versatility (there are countless protective styles)
  • Improves overall health of hair

One of the best ways to protect your hair is with weaves, wigs and braids. There are many options available and many YouTube tutorials on how to do them. Of course, while wearing protective styles, it's necessary to care for your own hair underneath. You still need to wash and care for your hair, but at least you're keeping the manipulation to a minimum.

I know that my natural hair has had crazy growth with protective styling. How about yours? What's your favourite protective style? Share details below! 

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