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KinkyCurlyYaki Best of 2017 - Vivian Kaye

2017 Year Recap: KinkyCurlyYaki


At KinkyCurlyYaki we cannot help but think of all the amazing women who help us innovate and creatively reimagine ourselves. The year 2017 has been an exciting year and this recap displays everything that went right. While there have been plenty of glowing reviews, we've pulled a few of our favorites and we cannot help but look back at the amazing queens who inspire us.  

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Janae Mason - Nae2Curly

Janae Mason, better known as @nae2curly gives you an inside look at how adding length to your natural hair is made extremely simple by our products. She uses our Coarse Yaki Clip-ins to add length and volume to her hair and its flawless. If you are looking to add length do what she did – color it before you install the clip-ins. Take care to ensure that the color you use on the extensions is the same that you use on your hair. Once the clip-ins are colored, install them by partitioning it at the root. Janae then straightens the clip-ins in order to make them look just like her hair, and trims it so that they are almost the same length.

Why We Love It 

No matter how much we say that our natural hair wigs and clip-ins will blend with your natural hair, it is always better to get evidence. Nae2Curly gives you the necessary proof of the seamless blend. You can clearly see how our natural hair clip-ins blend with Black women's natural textures. 


Our Afro Kinky Curly is inspired by natural 4A hair. The curl patterns in this type of clip-ins or hair wigs closely resemble the alphabet ‘S’. In order to maintain the curl pattern of this texture, it is important to hydrate and moisturize it every day. This will ensure that there is no hair problems like shedding and knotting.

@cocoandclick 's review about our Afro Kinky Curly has us on cloud nine. The review talks about how clip-ins are the best bet when you want to try a new look. It makes stepping out of your comfort zone that much easier. In the review, Staci raves about how our clip-ins helped her feel like a boss by adding some volume and definition to her hair. The best part about this review is that she has added pictures, so you can clearly see how natural the clip-ins look.

Why We Love It 

We love her hairstyle with the sleek low ponytail that she calls the ‘fall look’ – so on point! By trying something new, she encourages her readers to do the same. Here is the evidence that stepping out of your comfort zone can be liberating as well as gorgeous. If you are willing to try on a new look this New Year, make natural hair wigs and clip-ins your go-to option like Stacy.

Simply Stasia

While our extensions have been used to add volume and length to your hair, you can also use them to style your hair in a gorgeous up-do just like this one by Annastasia Liu - @_simplystasia. In her YouTube video featuring our product she displays a simple and elegant updo that is perfect for weddings or the fancy party you were planning to attend during the holidays.

For this hairstyle, she uses the textured Afro Kinky Curly extensions. She sections her hair and installs the clip-ins while talking about how easy it is to install them - just snap open and snap in. She adds some product and detangles the hair extensions before twisting her hair and extension together. After twisting, you cannot differentiate between her natural hair and the extensions – the clip-ins blend seamlessly.

Nailing that perfect updo is as simple as removing the twists once dry, fluffing the curls with her fingers and moving half of the hair onto one side of the head. Use a band to pin it into place and turn it into a bun. Now keep pinning the rest of your hair around this bun. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not have to look perfect – in fact, the messier, the better.

Why We Love It

We are absolutely in love with her formal look, which can be worn to any wedding or even to prom. The best part about this updo is that it is extremely simple and it will barely take you a few minutes to style your hair.

Happy New Year, Queens!

These great videos and the awesome review lets us know just how much people love KinkyCurlyYaki wigs and extensions. They encourage us to keep up with the good work of delivering high quality natural hair wigs and clip-ins to our beloved customers. Looking at how far we have come helps us learn valuable lessons and shorten our learning curve even more. Here’s wishing you a happy and strong 2018 with healthy locks, fashionable hairstyles, and complete confidence in the queen you are!

Our 2017 numbers are pretty interesting. Take a look! 


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