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13 Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Afro Hair

13 Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Afro Hair


There are plenty of reasons to love your natural afro hair and curls. Caring for natural hair can sometimes be frustrating just like caring for any other hair texture, but once you learn how to maintain it and care for it properly you’ll be on your way to falling head over heels in love with your natural hair. Naturally kinky, curly, and Afro-textured hair has very distinct characteristics. So much so that it will leave others staring in awe and even asking to touch your delicate mane.

We love our natural curl patterns so we decided to compile a list of 13 reasons to embrace and love your natural hair today. 

Enjoy the versatility of natural hair styles.

One of the most extravagant things about natural hair is the endless styling possibilities. Whether it’s a braid-out, twist-out, Bantu knots, styled straight or if you’re wearing natural hair extensions there is no limit to what you can do with your natural hair. Naturally kinky, curly, and Afro-textured hair types are the absolute most versatile hair types in the world. Your hair can hold styles that other textures cannot such as intricate braiding patterns, Afro puffs, curly hair styles, waves, heat styles, hair extensions, twists, and more.

Grow a stronger and thicker crown.

There are in fact some women that have no issues with growing their hair while relaxed but most women who have transitioned to wearing their natural hair are surprised when their hair reaches lengths they’ve never achieved before. African-American hair textures are extremely fragile and when you add relaxers and various chemical treatments to the mix, it can lead to damage and stunted hair growth. Your natural strands will grow stronger, thicker, and longer without the interference of harsh and toxic chemicals stunting your hair growth.

Finally embrace new growth.

New growth is something that is treasured in the natural hair community because it shows that your hair is actively growing. Long gone are the days of worrying about the emergence of new growth. Naturals have very little to no concerns when it comes to new growth hairs because the texture is the same as the hair that is already on your head.

Natural hair is low maintenance (sort of).

Maintaining natural hair may not be a piece of cake, but it certainly is easy to maintain with the proper care and know how. Just like any hair texture, your hair will require regular maintenance and the right hair care regimen so that is can grow healthy and strong. A simple natural hair care regimen will involve cleansing the hair, conditioning or deep conditioning, sealing moisture in your hair, and styling. Your natural hair care regimen couldn’t get any easier. The key to caring for your natural hair is finding the right products that work with your specific hair type and its needs.

Confident in your hair's health.

Chemical relaxers can permanently alter the structure of your hair and weaken the hair shaft leading to dehydrated hair, excessive breakage, and split ends. Natural hair needs moisture even to manipulate and style it. Without taking the necessary steps in caring for your natural hair, it can start to look dull and lackluster in appearance. Eliminating relaxers and other chemical hair treatments will leave your hair in a much healthier state.

Natural hair can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Not only will you find yourself reading the labels on the products that you put on your body, but you will naturally start reading the labels of everything that you put into your body as well. Once you start researching certain ingredients that are used in your hair products you will then start to take notice of the ingredients being used in your foods. You may find yourself working out more of course because that whole fear of “sweating out your hair” is eliminated with natural hair.

Connection with your culture.

There’s no doubt that wearing your naturally kinky, curly, and Afro-textured hair gives you a sense of pride in your identity as a woman with African roots. Afros and afro hairstyles have played a role in political views and stood as a symbol of black pride for decades and continues to do so.

Achieve longer hair lengths. 

Isn’t it funny how your natural hair can be 20 inches long and still look like a teeny weenie Afro? Shrinkage is something that should be embraced, especially since type 4 natural hair types can shrink up to 75 percent of its true length. Your hair texture is so unique that you can wear it stretched and long or short without having to pick up the scissors. Whether you decide to stretch it out using curlers, a blow dryer, or the flat iron, don’t be surprised if people ask, “Is that all your real hair?”

Eliminate the fear of “getting your hair wet”.

Most women with relaxed or chemically processed hair hate getting their hair wet because it can cause the hair to revert back to its curly stage. The beauty of wearing your natural hair is that you don’t have to run at every little sign of rain. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your clothes in the middle of a rainstorm but a little light rain won’t cause any damage to your natural hair. In fact, rain water only helps to add more moisture to your hair. Water is the best ingredient for hydrating natural hair not to mention it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Enjoy the benefits of having voluminous hair.

The beauty of natural hair is that it grows voluminous and can stand at great heights. Naturals don’t usually have a problem with attaining volume. Even when heat styling, you’ll notice that your natural hair still has a lot of body and bounce.

Inspires young girls to embrace their natural texture.

Think of all the little girls who love and adore your hair. You would be surprised at how many young girls become truly mesmerized when they see a woman embracing her kinky curly natural tresses. Many young girls want to wear their hair straight because that is what they normally see depicted in the media as what is “beautiful”. You never know what young girl may be inspired by you wearing your natural hair with confidence and pride.

Natural hair care is extremely inexpensive.

Hair care can be expensive. Between routine visits to the salon and buying high-quality hair care products, tools, and accessories your hair care expenses can become expensive rather quickly. Natural hair is really low-maintenance and once you learn to braid and twist your hair you can eliminate your regular trips to your stylist. You can also save money on hair care products by making your own right in your home using many items already found in most kitchens.

Get to make new curlfriends.

The natural hair community is one that is truly supportive and uplifting of women embracing their natural and authentic selves. The sense of camaraderie amongst the natural hair community is undeniable. It’s amazing that like-minded women can be united by sharing stories and experiences of their natural hair journey.

You would be surprised at how many women (and men) wish that they had full, voluminous curls like yours. Many people find naturally kinky, curly and Afro-textured hair as fascinating and they would love to have your hair type and texture if they could. Embrace your unique texture and remember that there is always someone who would love to have your gorgeous natural hair texture.

Naturally kinky, curly and Afro-textures hair can be a lot of fun. There are tons of resources, natural hair care expos, meet-ups, and events reserved especially for naturals. Not to mention all the fun goodies and free samples that you may receive when attending natural hair events. There’s a strong and inviting community ready to embrace and support you every step of your natural hair journey. We welcome you with open arms. 

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