The Ultimate Guide to Natural Textured Clip Ins!

We get plenty of questions about our clip ins, from how to attach them, to how to blend them, to how many sets you need for a full head. Well, we're going to answer all of your questions and more!

How do I install and blend the clip ins?

This video from Happycurlhappygirl shows how she installed and blended her 18" Afro Kinky Curly clip ins using ECO styler gel. She used 9-10 rows and blended seamlessly with her own hair.

How many clip ins come in a set?

A full set of clip ins comes with nine pieces/rows. A half set (60g) comes with five rows.

How many sets do I need?

That depends on the look you're going for! If you have a tapered cut and just need a bit of a boost, one set of 60g clip ins is plenty! Check out how Dayna added some length to her tapered fro below:

Adding length and volume? Try one set of 120g or 160g of clip ins.

Want huge hair? Go big or go home with 220g.

 How do I take care of my clip ins?

Yoursnaturally11 has a great tutorial for taking care of her Afro Kinky Curly clip ins!


Which texture matches my own?

We provide photos and descriptions to guide you in your choice, but if you're still unsure you can always order samples to get the best match!

Any questions we didn't get to? Please ask them below and we will add the answers here!