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12 Ways to Wear Natural Hair Extensions

12 Ways to Wear Natural Hair Extensions



Natural hair extensions have been a blessing to Queens as natural hair trends continue to soar. Natural hair extensions range from weaves to clip-ins and wigs, each having its mode of application and advantages.

With the advent of natural hair extensions, you can enjoy the versatility of styles in your own texture to the fullest. In fact, I founded this store because I was tired of burning my natural tresses into submission in an effort to blend with hair extensions that were textured for hair Types 1, 2, and 3. Real natural hair extensions are inspired by our natural curl patterns so that blending is simple and detection is not likely. There are a million and one ways and reasons to try natural hair extensions to achieve the styles you love and want. Here are few ideas to get you started. 

Achieve the Length You Want

Natural hair extensions can be used to add more length to any style. Whether you are stuck at the awkward stage of natural hair length and need to jazz up your hairstyle or you are just in love with longer hair, extensions will do the trick. You can achieve this look with natural hair clip-ins, wigs, and weaves.

Big Hair Don't Care

As a fellow naturalists - I'm in love with volume and fullness. If you believe bigger is better when it comes to all things hair, you can add more body to your style with the use of clip-ins, U-part wigs, or a full wig or weave if you do not want to leave your hair out. For even more volume with clip-ins, attach the wefts upside down against your own hair.

Explore Short Hair Styles

In addition to adding length, natural hair extensions can also be used to get a reduced length look. If you have been able to grow out your hair to say, bra-strap length and you secretly want a diva cut but you're not sure you would like it, try getting the cut on a natural hair wig to test the waters. This applies to other scissor-happy styles as well, including layers.

Color, Color, Color 

With the exception of getting your hair dyed darker, most dye jobs require your hair to be bleached beforehand in order to have the perfect result. Bleaching your hair requires the cuticle of your strands to open up, making the hair more porous and prone to damage.

Coloring your natural hair extension is a great way to get color without the damage to your own natural tresses, whether you want a fully colored look or streaks.

Twist-outs and Braid-outs

Another win for wearing natural hair extensions is the ability to change curl patterns through braid-outs and twist-outs just like natural hair. They are also quite easy to do as the same steps—section, detangle, moisturize, apply styling products, twist, and leave to dry-- used in achieving these looks with your natural hair can be used on your natural hair extensions.

Heat It Up

Styles like the Bantu knot-out, flexi rod sets, and even curl formers look great on stretched hair. However, you may not want to take any chances with heat damage to get this look right. Also, stretching your hair through threading or banding may not give it that smooth finish that you desire.

With a natural hair extension, you get to blow it out properly with a blow dryer and get your smooth-finish bantu knot or bone-straight hair with an added ‘oomph’ and no heat damage.

Bigger Halos and Crowns

The halo braid which beautifully frames the face is a timeless go-to style for naturalistas. You can achieve those big crown braids with clip-in hair extensions.

To achieve this, leave out a chunk of your natural hair around the perimeter of your head, and then attach your clip-ins around as well. Repeat the same process until it’s as thick as you want. Next step, brush your hair out until it frames your face like a hat. Begin dutch-braiding from behind, round your head until you get back to the same spot where you started braiding. Complete the tail end of the braid and secure it with a bobby pin. Voila! You have successfully made a halo braid.

Bun It Up

Take your bun game from 0-100 with extensions. If your hair is not quite long enough to pull off a ninja bun, simply add an extension to the knot where all your hair has been secured at the top of your head. Then wrap it around the knot to get that perfect ninja bun.

Add Thickness to Braids

Natural hair extensions can also be used to jazz up cornrow styles like classic twin braids. Although this can be done with braid hair, the style can be achieved with some clip-in extensions as well.

To do this, start by parting your hair down the middle of your head. Secure one half with a clip or band while you work on the other. Leave out some hair on the perimeter of the section you are working with and install the clip-ins vertically rather than horizontally. This works for other part styles like space buns, double puffs and so on.

Kinky Bangs

Bangs are flattering to many face shapes but not everyone is willing to chop off their own hair to achieve them or give them a try. Not knowing if it will turn out great or flop is an uncertainty that we all must face. Getting a bad cut can make or break your hair confidence even when it’s done by a professional, so clip-in bangs to the rescue. They are handy and very convenient to.

High Puff Power

High puffs on natural hair will never go out of style, and this is also one of the easiest ways to wear natural hair extensions. Once you have it in all the places you want, gather your hair up in a band, fluff it and you are ready to go.

Crotchet Days

Crotchet braids are still in and they look even more fabulous with natural hair extensions. As you already know, blending is key and with extensions that mimic your own hair, nothing is going to stop you from slaying in crotchet braid styles. 

Natural hair extensions give you styling versatility that you'll love and is celebrity inspired. Whether you need to color, chop, add volume or achieve length extensions have you covered. Exploring different styles with your natural tresses is not always easy as you focus on protecting your delicate curls. But textured hair extensions give you peace of mind and confidence in your looks while protecting your hair at the same time. 

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