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12 Quick Hairstyles for Natural Hair

12 Quick Hairstyles for Natural Hair



It can be tempting to leave your home with your bonnet or scarf on every day. But taking time to do your natural hair gives you confidence and energy to finish your day like the Queen you are.

Our hair texture is beautiful and distinct. But it takes time to manage and tame. For your sanity we have compiled 12 hairstyles for natural hair that can be achieved in an hour or less. These styles are simple. Some can last up to a week with the right care, ample moisturizer, and a satin bonnet.


Afro Puff

The Afro Puff made its ways into our hearts in the 1980s and has been revived as the latest trend. It is simple and most importantly versatile. It is also easy to do. Simply smooth your hair back using a brush into a ponytail. It can be as high or as low as you please. If you have layered hair then you may need a bobby pin or two to secure any loose ends. This style takes less than ten minutes.


If you have not tried the wash-n-go, you are missing out. This natural hairstyle is ideal for showing off your natural curls unapologetically. To wash-n-go simply begin by washing your hair. Once it is clean, detangle it and add your favorite leave in conditioner, oil, cream, or all three! If you would prefer to dry your hair immediately, you can use a blow dryer on the lowest heat to speed up the process. Depending on your regimen, this can take up to thirty minutes

Braided Updo

Braids are lovely and easily become an obsession for us natural Queens. There are several different options for a braided updo. One is to cornrow your hair toward the top of your head and curl or puff the ends of your hair. You can also use this method to create a natural hair mohawk. Another option is to French braid one or two braids going upwards in the back. At the top of each braid leave the hair loose in a puff. Depending on your length and width of braids, this style can take up to an hour and you can get a few days out of it.

Braid Out

For Braid Out styles you have to work a bit the night before - but the results are always satisfying. At night, moisturize and braid your hair while it is damp. Allow it to dry during the night and then take down the braids in the morning. Use your fingers to separate the curls. You may need to pick the roots of your hair to get a bit more volume. Depending on the length and width of your braids, this style can take up to an hour. This time does not include leaving it in overnight.



Twists are feminine and classic. To twist your hair it first needs to be washed and conditioned, Then moisturize your hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb. Once your hair is moist and detangled it is important to make sure your parts are neat and as straight as possible to give you a polished and stylish look. Otherwise Twists styles can tiptoe into being just a big ‘ol poof ball. Twists can be as big or as small as you like. Depending on your natural hair’s length and the width of the part. Twists can take up to an hour to style and complete.

Twist Out

Just like regular twists, first wash and condition your hair. Remember to add plenty of moisture to detangle your hair. After you twist your hair, it is a good idea to wrap your hair so that it will not frizz or unravel. You can untwist the hair when it is dry in the morning. Twists give you a different curl than braids, so it is good to try both methods to see what type of curl you prefer. Depending on the length and width of the twists this style can take up to an hour, not including the overnight drying time.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are twists that form into sweet little buns. They can be as big or as small as you like. The size of the knot is based on the size of the twist. So if you want big knots then you need to part a larger section of hair and twist it. Once the hair is twisted, wrap the hair around itself and secure it with a bobby pin or rubber band. This style usually takes up to forty-five minutes.

Side Sweep

This is one of the easiest styles and also the most elegant and sassy. Once your hair is washed and conditioned, continue with your usual moisturizing and wash-n-go routine. Then brush one side of your hair over so that it lays flat and creates a “half Mohawk”.  Use bobby pins and gel to secure that side down. This style takes about 30 minutes on average to pull together.

Halo Crown

A halo crown is created when your hair in the front is braided around your head to create a “crown” effect. It is a good idea to stretch your hair using a blow dryer or heatless stretching method such as twists, braids, banding (single strand twisting the hair and securing it with rubber bands throughout the hair), or buns and leave it in overnight. Once your hair is stretched, you can braid or twist the front of your hair toward the back. Do this for both sides and tuck the back into a bun. This method takes less than 30 minutes not including the stretching.

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updos are always stylish and doable fairly quickly. However, they take a bit of practice to do them well and fast. There are multiple options for this style but the most common is to twist your hair toward the top and curl the ends to leave them loose. Another option is to twist your hair toward the top of your hair and either create a bun or tuck them on the top of your head. Then twists the ends and leave them loose like the first hairstyle. Depending on your skill, length, width of twists, and style, this hairstyle can take up to an hour.

Faux Bang Updo

There are two ways to create faux bangs. The first method is to take your clean, conditioned, and moisturized hair and part the section you want to make your “bang”. Make multiple small braids or twists going toward the front of your head, then twist the ends into little buns. Leave this in overnight.

In the morning, put your hair into a puff or bun and remove the braids or twists. Separate and pick them until they look like a bang. The second method is to put the back half of your hair into a bun or puff. Then take the front part of your hair and create a bang by bobby pinning your hair upward until they are the desired length. This style takes less than 30 minutes, not including the overnight braids or twists.

Flexi Rod Curls

If you natural hair is fine you may struggle finding a curl pattern that you love. If braids, bantu knots, or twists don’t give you the curls you desire you can use flexi rods to create a larger spiral curl. First you need to stretch your hair with either a blow dryer or using a heatless method. Once your hair is stretched, you can apply a gel and begin to wrap medium sized parts your hair around the rods. Allow it to dry overnight and remove the rods carefully in the morning. Slowly separate the curls, and be careful not to cause too much frizz. This style takes about forty five minutes, not including the overnight drying. You will also need to purchase flexi rods for this style.

Natural hairstyles are easy to achieve with energy and planning. These styles can save you time and headache because they are quick and become quicker and easier the more you practice doing them. No matter which hairstyle you choose remember to always moisturize your crown and consider protective styles for days you don’t even want to bother with quick natural hairstyles.


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