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braided hairstyles for natural hair

Top 5 Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair


braided hair styles for natural hair

Finding the right style for your natural hair is easier said than done. We want different things from our hairstyles – an elaborate updo for a wedding or party, quick and efficient styles for work or around the house, and casual, wind-caressed kinky curls for backyard barbecues or beach parties. Braided natural hairstyles are a winner because they are versatile and ensure that your crown looks stylish, retains moisture and is protected from the elements.

In this article you’ll find the top 5 braided hairstyles that are recommended for natural hair that are stylish, protective and great for retaining moisture.  

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French Braids

French braids are versatile, quick and can be as detailed or simple as you want. The first thing to do when you are planning to style your hair into French braids is to detangle it. This is important because you do not want any snags when you are braiding your hair. If you want two braids, divide your hair down the middle with a rat tail comb. If you prefer a single French braid leave your hair as is, just comb it thoroughly. It is a very simple hairstyle – braid your hair as you normally would, just keep adding hair to your braid from the left and right sections of your braid as you go.

The larger the section of hair you keep adding in, the loser the braid will be. So if you are looking for a defined French braid keep adding in small sections of hair. Such a braid is also called the inverted cornrow because it is very flat.

Twist Braids

If you are a fan of box braids but want to do something different with your hair, the two strand twist braids are perfect for you. This hairstyle is very easy – it basically involves twisting your natural hair. Divide your kinky curly tresses into several sections. Brush each of these sections so that they are smooth and have no tangles.

Part each section into two parts and get twisting. Ensure that the twists near the hair roots are as tight as possible – these will give your hair a fresher look. When you reach the ends, use your fingers to give the strands a curl. You will need to use a twist and definition cream or your favorite leave-in-conditioner before you start so as to hold and maintain the twists.

Cornrow Braids

Just like most other form of braids for natural hair, cornrow braids require you to comb your hair thoroughly and work out the snags before you start braiding. Cornrow styles have come a long way. Styling cornrow braids can be a simple or detailed as you wish and often flattering to your face and wardrobe.

To wear your hair in this style, you must first decide the pattern you want your cornrows in. Divide your hair into different rows that you want to braid, making sure that the width of separate rows is even. Start braiding your hair by taking the right strand of hair under the centre strand, so that they interchange places. Do the same thing with the left strand as well. As you keep on braiding the hair, take small bits of hair from the row that you have partitioned for the cornrow braid. Keep on going till your reach the ends of your hair and you have finished one cornrow braid. One thing to remember for this braided hairstyle is that the parting on the center of your head must be wider than the parting on your nape.

Bantu Knots

To rock this goddess hairstyle, you will have to part your hair into numerous sections – the width of each section will depend on how thick and long your hair is. Divide each section into two strands and start twisting them together to form a two strand twist braid. Once done, twist this braid on the top of your head so that it forms a knot.

Keep in mind that you must twist it tightly so that the knot stays on your head and does not loosen up. Continue doing the same thing to all the other sections of your hair and you have styled your hair into Bantu knots. Not only is this a great hairstyle, but it also gives you gorgeous curls once you unknot each section. Bantu knots are also excellent protective styles that can last up to a week with proper care. 

Classic Thin Braids

Wash your hair and detangle all the knots in your naturally kinky curly hair. Divide your hair into multiple sections - the more sections you divide your hair in, the more defined this hairstyle will look. Take each section and part your hair into three strands and start braiding your hair (nothing fancy, just a classic braid). Braid the other sections of your hair in a similar fashion to get a protective hairstyle that is perfect for bob-length hair. These multiple braids look gorgeous and are also extremely easy to maintain. The best thing about these classic braids is that they last for weeks, so there is no need for you to worry about what hairstyle you are going to wear tomorrow.

These are 5 simple braided hairstyles that simple styles that we recommend for your natural crown when you are looking to give your hair a break for a few days. Once you know how to style your hair in these basic braided hairstyles, you can conquer the more detailed and elaborate styles too. You can also discover many other ways to style  your natural hair by combining two or more of these braided hairstyles that are mentioned. The sky is the limit when it comes to braided styles.

Share your favorite braided styles in the comments with us. 

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