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Frontal Hair Pieces | KinkyCurlyYaki

Protect Your Edges: Frontal Hair Pieces Can Help Avoid Hair Loss


Frontal Hair Pieces | KinkyCurlyYaki

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Protecting your hairline when wearing natural hair extensions or wigs is a challenge. Particularly when it comes to wigs and weaves. Frontal hair pieces give you the flexibility to wear your favorite protective styles without worry of placing stress on your hairline or "edges". 

Wearing a frontal hairpiece, helps you create hairstyles that will be hard for you to achieve when using an ordinary closure. A frontal is often worn as a head band and wraps around the circumference of your head. When worn properly you can minimize any stress on your hairline and prevent excessive rubbing and friction often associated with thinning or balding edges. Wearing your favorite weaves and natural hair extensions is a go-to option for many naturalistas. 

Choosing the right frontal starts with understanding your options. 

Types of Frontal Hair Pieces 

The right frontal hair piece for you is often determined by your base preference. Like natural hair wigs, frontal hairpieces are primarily available in 2 types of bases: lace and silk.

Lace frontals are the most popular types of frontals because they resemble your natural scalp. The lace is very thin and blends well with most complexions. Lace frontals give you the flexibility to wear your hair in various ways without limitation including up-do styles. 

Silk frontals are not as popular as laced based frontals because they can be a challenge to wear as it takes a bit of work to get silk frontals to blend with your natural scalp. Additionally, the colors and styles they are available in is very limited. With a silk base frontal, it is hard to hide the line of demarcation so wearing up-do styles like ponytails and buns is difficult to pull off. 

Frontals for Protection and Restoration

A balding hairline can greatly impact a woman's self confidence. 

Frontals protect and preserve your natural hairline or "edges". By simply covering your hairline your frontal prevents excessive stress on your hair as well as friction. Frontals also protect your hairline from natural elements such as harmful sun rays that may cause your hair to become dry and brittle.   

When you wear a natural frontal hair piece, there is a limited need for daily styling. Thus you limit how much and how often you need to manipulate or move already fragile hair follicles. When hair follicles are placed under stress your hairline is much more likely to experience thinning. 

Constant hair styling and manipulation can also compromise your hair's shaft. A compromised hair shaft is what causes breakage or excessive shedding. Frontals promote healing and wellness to your hairline by providing your hairline with fresh air, compared to heavy full wigs. Fresh air gives your scalp the opportunity to breathe and prevents bacteria such as ringworms or folliculitis, that may cause dandruff or other harmful conditions. 

Is A Frontal Hair Piece Right For You?

Deciding if a frontal hair piece is right for you can take some time. As you consider a frontal hair piece keep in mind that choosing a frontal that blends with your natural curl pattern is the best way to achieve looks that will give you confidence and balance your style. High quality frontals can be dyed, cut and styled according to preference as well, without causing any damage to your own natural hairline. 


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