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KinkyCurlyYaki Holiday Hair Tips

KinkyCurlyYaki Holiday Hair Tips


It’s time for the holidays!

KinkyCurlyYaki Holiday Hair Tips

Time for gift exchanging, seeing family, and time to get dolled up, even if we are sitting at home this year. Finding the perfect hairstyle can be just as hard as finding the perfect gift for that special someone. So, here are some hairstyles and tips for the season!

1. Sleek buns

They are quick, easy, classy, and accentuate your face. Who doesn’t love them! Just grab your favorite gel, part your hair, or slick it straight back, before adding your KinkyCurlyYaki premium hair extension. Then add some red lipstick to complete your look for the holiday season.

2.  “Wet Look"

Create a chic look for the upcoming holiday season. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare and need a quick hairstyle. The only products you'll need are gel, a brush, and hairspray.

3. Beautiful Bombshell Waves

These are perfect for the holidays. Once you picked out your perfect outfit, choose the perfect hairstyle to match. You can create this look using our luxury hair extensions and a little heat if needed.

4. Voluminous Holiday Curls

The bigger the better, and we agree. Rock a natural look with our My Coils clip-ins, fluff them out to show their full potential. Hair that's too big? What's that??

5. Sleek Braided Ponytail

A quick, simple easy look for the holidays. Like the sleek bun, all you need is your favorite gel and a classic braid in your added extension. Make your braid as unique as you want by adding some hair glitter into your gel before applying it.

6. Decorative Top Knot

What’s better than a regular, plain bun? A decorative holiday bun! Tie up and sleek your hair into a tightly, secured top knot on the top of your head. Add decorative pins like pearls throughout the bun to add that extra extra to your bun.

7. Them Inches!

This is an iconic statement for the holidays. What’s the holidays without being extra? Using our hair extensions elongate the length on your sleek ponytail to create your desired look. Don’t forget to slick down your hair and baby hairs.

8. Curly Bun with Bay-anngs

A perfectly effortless and elegant look for the season. Tie your hair up in a low messy bun, leaving out your curls or waves in the front to emphasize and frame your face.

9. Beautiful Loose Curls 

Who doesn’t love curls! They are so fun and versatile. Create a show-stopping look this holiday season using your favorite hair curler. You can choose a middle or side part, then let those beautiful curls drop and flow for the rest of the night, even if you Netflix and chill with the bae.

10. Christmassy Clip-ins

They say never forget to accessorize! Instead of diamonds or pearls being used as jewelry, why not grab a pearl or diamond clip to finish off your look. It’s fast and easy and looks amazing for the season.

Happy Holidays, and stay safe! xoxo

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