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5 Great Ways to Keep Your Hair Moisturized :: KinkyCurlyYaki Blog :: Article by Virginia Wamuyu :: Photo by @skmuse on Unsplash

5 Great Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized


Have you ever wondered how naturalistas are able to maintain their flourishing curls?

How they don’t seem to get frizzy hair no matter which hairstyle they rock?
The secret is in how they moisture their hair. Moisturized hair is happy hair.

But how do you actually keep your natural hair moisturized?

Read on to find out 5 Great Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized!

Using the LOC or LCO Method

LOC and LCO are common acronyms in the natural hair world. L stands for leave in treatment or, C for cream( or you can use hair butter instead) and O stands for oil. For how to do this on your hair check out our 3-part article on washing your natural hair. You can either decide to do it on freshly washed hair to retain it’s moisture or you can do it on dry hair that’s needs to be re-moisturized.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair regularly is a sure fire way to retain moisture in your natural hair. Natural hair tends to be dry thus using a deep conditioner such as Flawless by Gabrielle Union will be a great boost.

Flawless by Gabrielle Union - 5 ways to moisturize your hair

Doing a Pre Poo

To pre poo is basically giving your hair a treatment using natural oils such as coconut oil before shampooing. A pre poo prepares your hair for shampooing by softening it as washing your hair tends to be stripping. This reserves your hair’s moisture and protects it from being stripped of it’s natural oils.

Treat Your Hair to a Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment is basically applying oil that has been warmed up to your hair and then applying some heat. A hot oil treatment strengthens your air, making sure it feels super hydrated and moisturized.

Sleeping With a Satin/Silk Scarf/Bonnet

Whatever you put your head on as you sleep determines whether you will retain the moisture you worked so hard to obtain using the above three methods. Here, you have two options, you can choose to use a silk/satin scarf/bonnet or you can choose to use a satin/silk pillowcase.

Either way your hair will be protected from losing its moisture and also prevent formation of split ends due to friction. 

Vivian Kaye bonnet  5 Great Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

Keeping your natural hair moisturized reduces breakage, promoting growth of healthy hair, the dream of every naturalista!

Extra tip:

  • Drinking about two litres of water daily will be a great boost to retaining your hair’s moisture.

Have any more tips? Do share with us in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this post!


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