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3 Ways My Kinks Serves Curls for My 4C Girls

3 Ways My Kinks Serves Curls for My 4C Girls



Vivian Kaye, founder & CEO of KinkyCurlYaki here! So far in this blog series, we’ve talked curls and we’ll be  talking about coils in future blog post. But you know I could never leave out my 4C girls!


Vivian Kaye Mytretreat 4C afro coily ponytail

See, KinkyCurlyYaki exists because way back in 2012 while I was running my first business, I was on the hunt for extensions that matched my own kinky coils. The struggle was real. Everything was silky this and wavy that.

When I finally found afro-textured hair in the online, it was buried underneath an endless variety of Malaysian, Brazilian and Cambodian bundles. But it’s not because Black women weren’t interested. Because when I rocked my 4C extensions, I was constantly being asked, “Sis, who's your hairdresser?!" and "What's your regimine?!”

That’s why KinkyCurlyYaki’s 4C texture—My Kinks—has a special place in my heart. It’s really the texture that started it all. This whole brand came out of a determination to give my 4C sisters good quality extensions that looked and felt just like our own hair without having to did through piles of straight silky extensions to find it. 

Now we have a variety of options for our 4C queens to choose from ponytails and puffs, wefts and clip-ins, closures and frontals in lengths ranging from 12-24 inches.
Think I couldn’t possibly be more in love with the My Kinks collection? Here are three more reasons why I live for this texture:  

It’s a shockingly perfect match! 

On days when I need a fab look in a hurry, I can just pull my hair into a ponytail add my puff, and I’m good to go. It’s virtually undetectable, so much so that I shocked a room of over 150 women this summer by snatching it off mid-speech 😂. 



Half the surprise of that moment was that I pulled my puff off; the other half was that it was actually a puff. So, trust me when I say that My Kinks is a 100% match for natural 4C hair.

It’s cotton candy soft! 

One of my favourite things about afro kinky coily hair is the amazingly cottony soft texture you just want to touch all the time. Is there anything quite like digging your fingers into your hair and getting a feel of that fluffiness? Because My Kinks is 100% human hair, all your extensions will feel just as good as your own kinks and coils. 

4c human hair ponytails

It’s a breeze to maintain! 

We all know that 4C hair can be a handful. Tangles, single strand knots, and a tendency for split ends, means that afro coily hair requires a little extra TLC. But when it comes to your My Kinks extensions, there’ll be far less drama in your haircare regimen. (You can save all of that for the looks you’ll be turning!). Keeping your My Kinks pieces soft and moisturized is as simple as using a leave-in conditioner. My personal fave? Hawaiian Silky’s conditioner spray

If you’re finally over searching through a million and one straight-textured extensions for one that’s perfectly you, check us out to get your My Kinks! 

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