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13 Afro Bridal Hairstyles For a Beach Wedding

13 Afro Bridal Hairstyles For a Beach Wedding


Destination weddings are a rage today, and nothing says ‘exotic destination wedding’ as well as a beach ceremony. After all, who would not like the breathtaking setting, the breeze, and fantastic sunset-framed photographs? Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and you would want everything to be perfect, whether it is your dress or your natural hair. If you have chosen a wedding gown and are unsure about complementary afro kinky hairstyles, let us help you out with these afro bridal hairstyles to wear to your beach wedding.

  • Mermaid Pom Pom

  • What better way to style your hair for a beach wedding than with a mermaid pom pom? This hairstyle is very simple to execute – begin by moisturizing your hair and pulling it back into a side pony tail. If you want an afro pom let your hair air dry and unravel your curls with an afro pic. For a more defined kinky curly pom half-way pic out your curls. Use moisturizing setting lotion for your defined curls and an all natural gel to smooth your ponytail and keep your edges flat. Add a spritz of sheen to your crown for glowing look throughout your special day. 

  • Kinky Curly Side Pony

  • Beach weddings bring with them a host of challenges for our curls. If you are not in the mood to risk your curls getting to tangled in the wind, the curly side pony is another simple hairstyle that is perfect for a beach wedding. Curl the bottom of your hair into beautiful bouncy locks using rods or roller sets, and then gather them into a side pony. This hairstyle will give you a romantic and charming look that is soft and beach approved. Tying your hair in this way makes it more manageable and you will not have to worry about your hair flying in all directions because of the relentless sea breeze. Natural edges give the look a romantic feel. For more ideas on how to straighten your hair using heatless methods read our article, Top 5 Ways to Straighten Your Natural Black Hair.

    Low Side Bun

    If you are looking for an elegant updo that will complement a strapless wedding dress, try a low side bun. This is a very non-messy hair style – choose the side that you want the bun on and twist your hair into a low bun. Whether you want the bun to be loose or tight is completely up to you. Styling your hair in a bun at a beach wedding ensures that your tresses remain in place no matter how strong the sea breeze gets. A bun complements strapless wedding dresses in that they both accentuate your shoulders and neck profile.

    Princess Hairstyle

    Princess hairstyles offer a windswept look that is classic and timeless. If your crown is long and your curl pattern is easily defined this look may be for you. To pull off a natural princess inspired hairstyle you can leave your hair free and add a crown or tiara of your choice. Set your curls the night before and explore your curl preferences. Twists, bantu knots, and braids provide you with different curl patterns, explore each style to decide your favorite pattern for your wedding day.  

    Low Afro 

    If you think you don’t have a lot of options because you have short hair, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, a short afro is perfect for a beach wedding, you do not have to worry about the wind or the sand. Get an evenly cut afro style and you are bound to look stunning as the style is both refined and classic - making it ideal for more formal weddings and venues. Since you have short hair, you can play with a lot of eye-catching hair pieces. Try some on before dismissing the idea entirely – the simpler the hairstyle, the bigger the hair accessory you can wear. Consider a fresh flower, butterflies, and more.

    Greek Goddess Braided Updo

    Want to feel like a Greek goddess on your wedding day? Then be sure to style your hair into a Greek goddess braided updo. To style your hair this way, you will first need to French braid your hair. Once that is done, just pull your hair up in a bun and voila you have got a Greek Goddess Updo. The best part about this hairstyle is that you will not be needing clips and hair bands to keep your hair in place at your beach wedding. Leave your edges natural for a romantic look or smooth them with all natural edge control for a sleek and diva inspired style. 

    Loose Curly Updo

    If you are looking for a hairstyle that will completely complement your beach wedding, the loose kinky curly updo is your best bet. This is a pretty straightforward hairstyle – leave your natural curls loose and pull them up to the top of your head. You will get beautiful curls as well as a loose messy look that is just perfect for a beach wedding. Use beach hair accessories like a star fish clip or colorful beads to decorate your hair.

    Sea Tossed Bun

    Perfect buns are so passé, nowadays, the new trend is to style your hair in a messy, curly bun. Wear a big messy bun to your beach wedding and it will serve a dual purpose. Not only will your hair be protected from the sea breeze, but the hairstyle will also fit the entire relaxed ambience of your wedding. The best thing about styling your hair this way is that you will look like a gorgeous sea sprite. Consider adding highlights or color to your hair, it will add dimensions to this hairstyle.

    Twisted Braid Updo

    If you prefer a more polished and detailed style an updo is the perfect hairstyle for your beach wedding. A twisted braided updo is timeless and classic. Twist your hair into a french bun and leave a few loose curls to frame your face and soften the look for beach ready style.

    Side Twists

    For women with medium length hair who don’t want to style their hair in an updo for their wedding, side twists are another option. Twist the hair on either side of your parting and pin up at the back, then leave your natural curls free. The side twists ensure that your hair does not get blown in your face or tangled quickly. Explore with various twists styles including flat and inverted. 

    Half Up Half Down

    If you cannot make up your mind between an updo or just leaving your kinky curls free, a half up half down bridal hairstyle might be just the thing for you. The basic idea is to have the top half of your hair tied up, while the lower half cascades freely. If you want more length consider natural hair extensions. The best thing about such a hairstyle is the sheer variety of half updo options. Choose a hairstyle with a bump, twisted, mermaid or waterfall braids for the half updo. Frame your face with a few curly strands, and let the rest flow free and wild in the sea breeze. 

    Greek Long Kinky Braid

    If you have long thick hair, consider exploring the Greek long messy braid on your wedding. Styling your hair in this way will see to it that your long hair becomes more manageable during your beach wedding. This Grecian hairstyle will also make you look ethereal as well as sophisticated. A word of advice, your hair needs to be thick or you may need to add extensions if you want to rock this hairstyle.

    Dutch Braid Updo

    If you are a fan of the milkmaid braid, then an inspired Dutch braid updo is the perfect bridal hairstyle for you. Traditionally, milkmaid braids are French braids. However, using a Dutch braid for an updo will give your hair more volume and make it look fuller. Do not fret if you have short or thin hair, you can still wear this hairstyle to your wedding. All you need are a few hair extensions to make your hair look thicker and longer.

    No matter which kinky curly hairstyle you choose, stick to the beach wedding theme by accessorizing your hair with flower chains and sea shells. Whether you want a sophisticated updo or just enjoy a boho look on your big day, these hairstyles will see you through. But remember to keep the length of your hair, sea breeze and humidity in mind before making your decision.

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