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Natural Hair | KinkyCurlyYaki

12 Celebrities Embracing Their Natural Hair


Natural Hair | KinkyCurlyYaki


Celebrities are embracing natural hair styles and showing that confidence in who you are goes a long way. Whether you are transitioning to your natural hair texture or just beginning to understand your curl pattern, we have you covered. We compiled this list of celebrities to inspire and encourage you to harness the power of your crown.


Yara Shahidi is a glamour queen that always blesses the red carpet with her natural hair. She switches from full volumious curls to tumble up door sleek finger waves. What’s lovely about Yara is how mature, grounded, and real she is. She’s well aware and proud of the fact that by being a sitcom star, she is a role model and beauty icon for girls around the world. Her famous hair makeover is the ‘FRO REAL’

Fro Real

If you want to get this look, you can do a twist-out. Try a two-strand twist, and set it with a little mousse or hair cream. You leave the twists in overnight because you want the style to set and last. In the morning, when it's all dry and set, use your fingers to separate the strands, and then use a hair pick or wide tooth comb to loosen up the roots.  Use Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir for shine and for twist-outs.

Looking for a protective style inspired by Yara's curl pattern?

Browse our Kinky Curly Collection.


Solange Piaget Knowles could sneeze and make it an art. The singer treats every song, performance, and even style as an opportunity for poetry and the inaugural Surface Travel Awards were no exception. She decided to craft her newly blonde Afro into a beautiful piece of "CORAL REEF”. 

Coral reef

To do achieve the reef, wash and condition your hair before cutting the sides closer to your head to create a cool, halo shape. And here is where the crafting comes into play: After that, add a high moisture butter crème and hydrating oil to your damp hair, and spread it out evenly, concentrating on the ends. From there take a pencil and wrap small sections of your hair around it and let the sections set as you diffuse the hair on medium heat with a blow dryer. This creates a coral reef effect to the already natural curl pattern.


Few celebs consistently deliver flawless natural hair styles as effortlessly as Skai Jackson. Her hair continues to be the staple of her evolving look. With every red carpet appearance, the Disney star inspires her fans and fellow naturalists to embrace their kinks. Most of her styles are bold, beautiful, simple and age appropriate. Like the “DOUBLE BUNS”,

Double Bun

Part your hair down the middle and add a bun on each side of your hair for fun, versatility, and go-to easy hairstyle.


Kelly Rowland, former Destiny's Child group member, showed off her glorious head of natural hair during a walk along Australia's Bondi beach. Although we are used to seeing bobs and long flowing textured bundles from Kelly, we can see that protective styles like braids and weaves have seriously paid off. Protecting and keeping your hair heat-free can lead to some pretty healthy results. 

Get Inspired

The next time you're hesitant to put on a natural hair wig, remember that protective hair styling is essential to preserving your natural crown when it comes to working with afro kinky curl patterns


The Blackish mom, Tracee Ellis Ross, has been on #TeamNatural curly hair for the past twenty years and shows no sign of slowing down. The key to having curls as defined as Ellis’s according to her hairstylist Chuck Amos is to separate your curls while they're wet before you apply your products. Chuck explains, "If you smash your curls together, they'll dry clumped together, which isn't what you want for volume."

Defined Curls

Chuck further shares this styling tip, "Touch your curls while they're wet. If you comb through your curls all at once, which is what most women do, they'll dry in a heavy clump without a lot of volumes. Instead, it's all about sectioning, you section off your damp curls from temple to temple, rake in a lightweight curl cream with a wide-tooth comb, and then cup the hair in your hand for a few minutes to get some airflow in there."

"I then split the remaining hair into two sections and repeat the combing and cupping process. You're basically creating a bunch of little shelves in your curls so they sit on top of each other and dry in a fuller, rounder shape, how you finish is up to you. Let your curls air-dry or blow-dry them on low with the diffuser for a springier look."


Viola Davis is an American actress and producer. She is the only Black woman to be nominated for three Academy Awards, winning one, and is the only Black actress or actor to win the Triple Crown of Acting. At the 2018, Golden Globe awards, Viola rocked an afro hairstyle that defied gravity with elegance and class. 

Be Confident

A styling tip that we can take away from Viola is to love your crown and all it's glory. Show it off when you want to, in your own way and on your own terms. But we know that maintaining such a voluminous crown is tough. Consider an afro kinky inspired natural hair wig for days you just need a break. 


Niecy Nash is an American comedian, model, actress, and producer, best known for her performances on television shows such as Clean House. Niecy goes for full glamour with curly hairstyles that often feature full natural textured bundles

Explore Length

Choosing the right natural wigs and weaves can be a challenge. When you've worn all your go-to looks and need something bold and fierce, consider wearing longer styles. Longer styles are versatile and interesting. Browse Niecy's Instagram for style inspiration


Black Panther star, Lupita Nyong'o, inspires us to show off our afro kinky hair with pride. When it comes to style glams, it doesn't get any better than Oscar-winning actress, director, and producer Lupita Nyong'o. From fabulous flapper looks to sweet princess-inspired frocks, Lupita is never afraid to take it there with daring prints and heaps of embellishments. 

Braided Updo

Lupita donned a sleek braided updo at last year's Comic-Con, and we are living in it. The criss-cross style of her bun instantly polisher her look from an everyday casual style to red carpet-ready. She managed to redefine celeb chic yet again with naturalists inspired confidence we all love. 


Amanda Stenberg loves a good hair transformation. From brushed kinks to silver braids to close-cropped curls and blanched buzz cuts, the actress knows how to harness the visual—and, often, political — the power of a strategically styled coif. And her latest look is no exception.

So while you could say the shaved head is just a hairstyle, it's also a statement—and a bold one at that. It's inspiring to see someone so young be so confident in and committed to her own unique identity.

Shiny Short Hair

If you want to rock short hair remember that moisture is your friend. Add a homemade leave-in conditioner and water daily to keep your hair hydrated and protected from the elements.  


Alicia Keys has always supported women taking chances with their hair to find the look that makes them feel most beautiful. In January 2017 she shared with Glamour, a women's fashion magazine, "I didn't think wearing braids was something revolutionary or iconic; that was just how I loved wearing my hair. I recognize now that how you look is your statement because it's a claiming of yourself. You're saying, 'Look, world. This is me. Love me or hate me, I really don't care.' I guess that is the revolution."

Braids Please

From her no make up trendsetting to her natural hair aspirations, Alicia Keys demonstrates that we can wear our hair our own way. When you need a break or just want to try a low maintenance protective style that is a strong alternative to a natural hair wig, consider braids

11. SZA

Solana Imani Rowe known professionally as SZA is an American R&B singer-songwriter. She wears her naturally kinky crown with pride because she prefers to simply "keep it real". Some days we get to enjoy big hair and other days we get to enjoy softer styles from SZA, but everyday we watch her wear her crown boldly. 

Big Hair

One of the most exciting things about SZA's hair is that she's very versatile in her style. From big blow dried hair to voluminous curls, she's likely worn them all. When it comes to your style don't be afraid to get out of the box and change up your look. Still in doubt? Take your cues from Raven-Symone

Natural Black Hair, Don't Care


Wearing natural hair styles is both liberating and exhausting. It is no secret that our voluminous crowns full of kinky glory take a while to tame, moisturize and style. Let these celebrities inspire you to keep going and show off your crowns unashamedly. And when you need a break explore with protective styles inspired by your natural curl pattern and textures. 

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